The management of hierarchical relationships among objects.


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Use Cases

In the CollectionSpace system, Object records can participate in a containment hierarchy. In other words, a CollectionObject can be a part of something and it can also have sub-parts. For example, a CollectionObject can represent a chess set with each piece of the set also being represented by a CollectionObject:

{multi-excerpt-include:CollectionObject Service Entity Diagrams|name=CollectionObject-Whole-Parts|nopanel=true}

Visualization from the CIDOC CRM:

Numbering Recommendations from The New Museum Registration Methods

Parts of a whole, e.g. pieces in a chess set: If the accession number for the chess set as a whole is 2009.1.1, each piece would receive a letter: 2009.1.1a, 2009.1.1b, 2009.1.1c, etc.

Items in a set, e.g. drawings in a folio: If the accession number for the folio as a whole is 2009.1.1, each drawing would receive an additional number: 2009.1.1.1, 2009.1.1.2, 2009.1.1.3, etc.


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