Sysadmin: Creating/managing vocabularies

Sysadmin can create a new vocabulary

Sysadmin can configure a vocabulary for use with a field

Sysadmin can deactivate a vocabulary

User: Vocabulary management

User can add a new term to a vocabulary

User can view all provisionally added vocabulary terms

User can merge two or more existing vocabulary terms

User can edit an existing vocabulary term

User can inactivate a vocabulary term

User can view vocabulary term's usage (may limit by record type)

User can export vocabulary term's usage

User can edit the order (e.g. alphabetize) of a vocabulary

User: Adding terms to a record

User can add a term from a controlled list to a field

User can add a term from a vocabulary to a field

Possible Version 1 Workflow

Possible Version 2 Workflow


User can create relationships among vocabulary records, e.g. an organization to a place, a person to an organization, a role to a person, etc.

Vocabulary Types

Place (Geographic)
Storage Location

Discussion Questions

How will a sysadmin (or other) handle local additions to an existing vocabulary?

What would the workflow for denying a provisional term look like?