Template Instructions for User Stories

This is a template for creating a new CollectionSpace User Story. For examples of existing CollectionSpace User Stories, see the User Story Repository page. For background information on User Stories, see the User Story entry on Wikipedia.

User Stories are brief descriptions of concrete bits of functionality from an end-user's perspective. Anyone on the CollectionSpace project team can create new User Stories and are encouraged to do so. There should be exactly one User Story per wiki page. In Agile development terms, this page acts like a User Story "card."

The CollectionSpace team can use these User Story pages to prioritize and schedule development iterations and releases. It's possible that the functionality described in one or more of these User Stories will be deferred to future releases of CollectionSpace.

*** Important ***
When you create a page from this template, your new User Story will have the "user_story" wiki label associated with it, which is essential for it to appear in the repository. However, you need to add subject-area "labels" to your new User Story so it appears in the right section of the User Story Repository.
To add a label, click on the "ADD LABELS" text near the top of this page (highlighted in yellow), and choose one of the existing grouping labels on the User Stories that best corresponds to your new User Story (e.g., "object_entry", "vocabulary", "person", "identifier", "user_management", "search", "dashboard", "help").
To learn more about using wiki labels, see "Working with Labels Overview."

*** Remove This Box ***
Remove this box after you've filled out this template and created the appropriate labels. To do this, just delete everything between the {info} tags.

User Story
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Related User Stories:
Derived Stories:

These related stories are created or derived from the User Story described on this page. For example, Service Stories describe bits of functionality that a service might need to provide in order for the User Story requirement to be fulfilled. These stories are used to create, plan, and track specific development tasks in JIRA. If development has begun on one of these stories, there should be a link into JIRA describing the story and the related development tasks.

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