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Simple repeatable field - keyboard navigation

Desired Behaviour:

  • An empty field should be created each time user presses the "+ field" button. (User might want to create 5 fields, because they know there are 5 but need to look something up in order to fill them.)
  • If they create multiple and don't fill all of them in, they should be able to save the record as is, even the empty fields.
  • When they return to the record at a later time, the blank fields should persist.
  • User should be able to remove the fields they created (regardless of whether they are filled in or not).
  • If they remove the primary item, the item that was below it becomes primary. If the primary item was at the bottom, what was the second-bottom item becomes primary.

Repeatable row for 1.0a

The Dimension fields no longer work as described in the slides below. Please refer to the slides for fields in a table that repeat together (i.e. adding rows in a table).    

In addition to demonstrating how a user can create a new repeating row, this wireframe also illustrates how a user can change the instance of a repeated field or row that is designated as "primary."

Repeatable sub-fields - Dimension

Repeatable sub-fields - Title

Title groups of fields have two separately repeating sub-groups: title translation (paired with translation language) and type.

Repeatable fields with pop-up - Date