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CollectionSpacers: I sent out a note in June about our engagement of UX designer Tim Stutt to work with us on a review of the CollectionSpace user experience. As those of you who have been working with us for a long time know, we spent considerable time at the very beginning of the project working on user experience design. Heading into a new grant and a major re-write of the CSpace UI Code, it was the perfect time for a review.


Tim sat down with a number of daily users and observed how CSpace is used to complete day-to-day work. As a result of these observations and interviews, he's identified a number of areas where can make improvements - some big and some small. Tim's final report can be found via this link or on the User Interface Design page.


The Functional Working Group has been tasked with ensuring that the recommendations in the report are: evaluated, added to JIRA where appropriate, and integrated into the plan of work for Project Drydock, along with all the other bugs and improvement requests that have been made over the years. As previously noted, we are not planning a full re-design of the UX, but where we're able to make changes that will improve our lives and workflows, we will strive to do so.


As always, please email with any questions, thoughts, or notes about the review. 
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