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Administrative geographic entities include man-made or cultural entities typically defined by political and administrative boundaries, such as empires, nations, states, districts, townships, and cities.

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29.1. Place Authority Record Type
29.2. Place Name
29.2.1. Preference
29.2.2. Name Type
29.2.3. Name Qualifier
29.2.4. Name Language
29.2.5. Historical Flag
29.2.6. Display Name Flag
29.2.7. Other Name Flags
29.2.8. Name Source Page
29.2.9. Name Date Earliest Date Latest Date
29.3. Geographic Coordinates
29.4. Place Types
29.4.1. Preference
29.4.2. Place Type Date Earliest Date Latest Date
29.5. Related Places
29.5.1. Place Relationship Type
29.5.2. Place Relationship Date Earliest Date Latest Date
29.6. Place Broader Context
29.6.1. Broader Context Date Earliest Date Latest Date
29.7. Place/Location Label/Identification
29.8. Place/Location Descriptive Note
29.8.1. Note Source Page
29.9. Remarks
29.10. Citations
29.10.1. Page
29.11. Place Authority Record ID

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CHIN Data Dictionary: Archaeological Sites