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GroupField TypeVenueResearch/use of object YesTextThe unique number assigned to the research or Controlled
CSpace Information

Information Unit


Group CSpace Field NameCSpace Field Definition CSpace Field Type Field RepeatableGroup RepeatableControlled List Contents
Use of collections information: Exhibition

Exhibition organizer

The name of the Person or Organization organizing an exhibition.

Name Authority: Person, Org










Exhibition reference Reference numberA unique identifying number for the exhibition use of an object or group of objects under the auspices of the organization.Controlled NumberTextNo  

Exhibition begin date

The opening date of an exhibition at a particular Venue.







 MethodThe way in which an object is used.Controlled list; dynamicYes 


Exhibition end date

The closing date of an exhibition at a particular Venue.



Exhibition; Research; Publication
 Exhibition TitleThe name of an exhibition or display, display, article, or other object use.TextNo  

The organization responsible for the venue where an exhibition is to be held.

Name Authority: Org




> Venue authorization date

The date on which the Venue authoriser gives final approval for a Venue to take a loan out.

Date Authorized byThe name of the staff member giving final approval for the object usePerson authorityNoNo 
 Authorization dateThe date of approval for the object useCalendar dateNo  

> Venue authorizer

The name of a member of staff at a lending organisation giving final approval for a Venue to take a loan out.

Name authority: Person Authorization noteAny additional information about the authorization of the object useTextNo  

Use of collections information: Other

 Start/single dateThe single or first date an object is researched or was used.DateCalendar dateNoNo  

Research/use of object method

The way in which an object is researched or used.

Controlled text

 End dateThe last date an object was usedCalendar dateNo  

Research/use of object note

Additional information about the research or use of an object which has not been recorded elsewhere using controlled terminology. This could include an object's operations log.


 UserThe Person or Organization using an object or group of objects.Organization authority; Person authorityNoYes 
 User typeControlled list describing the type of useControlled list; dynamicNo exhibition organizer; presenter; publisher; researcher

Research/use of object provisos

Restrictions applying to the research or use of an object.

 LocationThe location of the object useOrganization authority; Place authority; Storage location authorityNo  

Research/use of object reference

 NoteAny additional information about the use of an object or group of objects not captured by controlled fields.Controlled numberTextNo  

Research/use of object result

Information about the outcome of the research or use of object(s).

 ProvisosAny limits on the use of the object or group of objects.TextNo  


The Person or Organisation researching or using an object or group of objects.

Name Authority: Person/Org




The above schema represents information unique to Use of Collections. Users creating, reading, or updating an Use of Collections record may also wish to create/read/update (via the tab structure):

  • Object information (see limited schema)
  • Related or representative media
  • Condition information
  • Conservation information
  • Location information
  • Movement information
  • Valuation information
  • Insurance information
  • Rights information
  • Exit information

User may wish to link to but not c/r/u (via the right sidebar):

  • Object records
  • Procedural records (e.g. Intake, Loans In)
  • Organizational records (Vocabularies, Collections)

Controlled list contents

 ResultInformation about the outcome of the use of the object(s).TextNo  
























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