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CollectionSpace is committed to the principles of user-centered design. We develop environments that match the needs of our users, and software that is accessible and usable. 

Understanding the User

Personas + Contextual Inquiries help to put human characteristics on abstract definitions of perceived user roles and interactions. Personas are fictional characters used to help define of the goals and behaviors of a generalized users types. Contextual inquiries are "in the wild" observations and interviews of a selected group of real users within the context of their work.

In June and July 2016, UX designer Tim Stutt completed a UX review of the application with existing CSpace users. The final report from this review can be found here.

Understanding the User Needs

Workflow Analysis explores a core subset of eight SPECTRUM procedures in order to create elegant and intuitive user workflows. This section includes procedural workflow diagrams, and a User Interface Map.


Wireframes are developed as part of the design and development process.

Excerpt Include


New UI designs for CollectionSpace should follow the guidelines set forth in the Style Guide.