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When creating CollectionSpace, the CollectionSpace team relied on open source tools, widgets, components, etc., some of which were incorporated into the CollectionSpace code.  Below is license information about the software we used.


For more up to date information on how to dynamically generate licensing reports for the dependencies of CollectionSpace's Services and Application layers, from their respective Maven POM files, see the comments in


Open Source Software


Notices and Attributions

Fluid Infusion

Both the ECL 2.0 and the New BSD licenses

CollectionSpace licenses Fluid Infusion under the ECL 2.0

Nuxeo DM

LGPL (Lesser General Public License)



LGPL license


Jquery: simulate and ui tabs 

MIT license


Jquery corner plugin

MIT license



MIT license


Google date picker

Apache License 2.0



MPL license


Jasper Reports



Apache Maven, Tomcat, and Plugins

Apache License 2.0

Apache HTTP Server
Copyright 1999-2006 The Apache Software Foundation
This product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundation ( 
Portions of this software were developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This software contains code derived from the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, including various modifications by Spyglass Inc., Carnegie Mellon University, and Bell Communications Research, Inc (Bellcore). Regular expression support is provided by the PCRE library package, which is open source software, written by Philip Hazel, and copyright by the University of Cambridge, England. The original software is available from


JSON License


HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container

Jetty 7 is dual licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and Eclipse Public License 1.0.

Jetty Web Container
Copyright 1995-2009 Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd
The Jetty Web Container is Copyright Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd unless otherwise noted. It is dual licensed under the apache 2.0 license and eclipse 1.0 license. Jetty may be distributed under either license.
The javax.servlet package used was sourced from the Apache Software Foundation and is distributed under the apache 2.0 license. The code implements the one way cryptography used by Unix systems for simple password protection. Copyright 1996 Aki Yoshida, modified April 2001 by Iris Van den Broeke, Daniel Deville. Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute UnixCrypt for non-commercial or commercial purposes and without fee is granted provided that the copyright notice appears in all copies.