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Starting and Stopping the Bamboo Server


Update: Jesse wrote in CSPACE-4342:

Bamboo can now be started/stopped using the command:

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sudo service bamboo start|stop|restart

CollectionSpace's Bamboo server is installed here on the machine in the following directoryserver:

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To start and stop the Bamboo server, you will need an account with 'sudo' privileges on the server. To start the Bamboo service via Java Service Wrapper, use the 'start-bamboo' command found at /var/www/bamboo/wrapper. The following command line options can be used with the 'start-bamboo' command:

  • console — this starts Bamboo in a console. The logs will scroll to standard out.
  • start — this starts Bamboo.
  • stop — this stops Bamboo.
  • restart — this restarts Bamboo
  • status — this provides the current status of Bamboo.
  • dump — stops Bamboo abruptly by killing the process

For example, to start the Bamboo server:

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cd /var/www/Bamboo/wrapper
sudo ./start-bamboo start

If the above command is not properly starting bamboo, you can try this alternate command:

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cd /var/www/Bamboo/
./ start

To check the status of the Bamboo server, follow the pattern of the command used to start the Bamboo server, above, but substitute status for start; e.g. sudo ./start-bamboo status or ./ status.


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sudo su - bamboo
cd /home/bamboo/atlassian-bamboo-5.15.5