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  1. Deploy and configure the Django project for your tenant, including search webapps, on your local machine (under PyCharm, for ease of development)
  2. Edit the "live" version of .csv file (i.e. the one in config/) using appropriate program (OpenOffice or LibreOffice, etc. Excel can be used, but u need to be careful).

  3. Save as .csv, "tabs only, no encapulation".
  4. Restart debugger/server in Pycharm, or dev server if you are using raw Django. This is needed to tell Django to re-read this configuration file.
  5. Check layouts in browser at localhost:8000 (or wherever you have it running)
  6. Rinse and repeat until desired layout and output is achieved.
  7. Copy the new, improved .csv file to the django_example_config repo  (or wherever) and commit it for safekeeping and deployment .
  8. Deploy to Dev and eventually Prod servers.