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  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • v4.5 Release - see Release 4.5 for details
    • Drydock Update
    • Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums, WESTAF, Kress Foundation, DOI
  • Work on agenda for CollectionSpace Services workshop
    • Review reasons/justification for holding a workshop
    • Create a list of goals and objectives for the workshop
    • Review "CollectionSpace Service Inventory"
    • Discuss approaches to achieving our goals and objectives
    • Discuss workshop format; virtual, in-person, series of meetings, etc
    • Scheduling (pick candidate dates and times)
Attendees: Jesse Martinez, Mark Cooper, John Lowe, Ray Lee, Patrick Schmitz, Richard Millet, Yousuf Nejati
Notes and Minutes:  All agreed that an in-person workshop related to the topics outlined in this document would be helpful.  Given the amount of discussion/work that could take place for each topic, there was the idea of holding single-topic on-line webinar like sessions.
Action Items:Richard M. to work with Megan F. to schedule an in-person meeting of the TWG.

9th Meeting - Friday August 5, 2016 at 2:30pm PT via Skype


  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • Mellon Grant
    • v4.4 Released
    • UI Framework rewrite update and roadmap
    • Hosting update
  • CollectionSpace v4.5 Release
  • Making CollectionSpace easier to install, configure, deploy, and maintain
    • Improving documentation
      • Installing
      • Configuring
      • Deploying
      • Upgrading
      • Trouble shooting common issues
    • Improving error handling and error messages
    • Creating and running reports
    • Improving tools for migrating to CollectionSpace from other systems
      • Improving API documentation
      • Improving creating data migration tools
Notes and Minutes:
Action Items:

8th Meeting - Thursday May 12, 2016 at 4pm PT via Skype


  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • Mini-grant updates
    • Membership updates
    • Community Profiles update
  • Current Development v4.4
    • Shared Authority Server (Richard)
    • Community Profiles update
    • Semantic versioning proposal for future releases (Ray)
    • Automated testing (Aron)
    • Web app contributions (John)
  • Governance Changes
    • Who should be in TWG?
    • How long should membership be?
    • Are elections needed?
    • What's the correct size?
Notes and Minutes:
Action Items:

7th Meeting - Friday February 5, 2016 at 1:30pm PST via Skype


  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Manager, Megan Forbes
    • Mini-grants updates
    • New implementers/deployers
    • Reporting requests from community
    • Community profiles updates
    • Membership and sustainability updates
    • Mellon updates
  • CollectionSpace hosting and service providers
    • Update from Mark Cooper, LYRASIS
    • Update from Peter Murray, Cherry Hill
  • v4.3 release update (Release 4.3)
    • Discuss Elasticsearch vs NXQL changes for v4.3 or v4.4 release
    • Nuxeo updates

    • QA automation
    • Canned reports
  • v4.4 release planning (Release 4.4)
    • Additional canned reports
    • Additional community profiles
    • Web apps integration
    • Public browsing tools -WordPress plugin, Omeka, LYRASIS browser, UCB portal web apps
    • Shared Authority Server (work starts in mid February)
  • Richard Millet, Peter Murray, Ray Lee, Jesse Martinez, John Lowe, Mark Cooper, Patrick Schmitz
Notes and Minutes:
  • Ray Lee was introduced as new TWG member.
  • Megan Forbes gave an update of the CollectionSpace Program (
  • Mark Cooper (LYRASIS) and Peter Murray (Cherry Hill) gave short update on their hosting/service efforts.
  • Jesse working on a shared authority solution for CollectionSpace/ArchivesSpace. 
Action Items:
  • Jess and Richard will meet to discuss shared authority issues.


  • Aron Roberts (UCB Guest)
  • Ray Lee (UCB Guest)
  • John Lowe
  • Patrick Schmitz
  • Peter Murray
  • Chad Nelson
  • Richard Millet
Notes and Minutes:
  • <Notes pending from Chad Nelson> 
Action Items:
  • Richard to schedule next meeting.
  • Richard to implement initial NXQL -> ESQL changes for fulltext searches and handoff to UCB for evaluation


  • v4.3 Update
  • TWG Check-in.
  • Finish review of  Technical Review report.
  • Update on Ray Lee's UI replacement prototype work
  • Discuss "recommended" platform idea -i.e., supporting only Debian flavors of Linux like Ubuntu
  • Nominate Peter Murray to replace Chris Pott
  • Mark Cooper
  • Richard Millet
  • John Lowe
  • Patrick Schmitz
  • Chad Nelson
Notes and Minutes:


Highlights at v4.3 Update


  • Peter Murray Nomination approved

Action Items:
  • Schedule Next Meeting

4th Meeting - Friday May 22, 2015 at 9am PST via Skype


  • Discuss "Next Steps" for Ray Lee's UI replacement work
  • Discuss Technical Review report.
  • Chad Nelson to present a summary of Extension and Profile work in upcoming v4.2 release
  • Richard Millet, Jesse Martinez, Chad Nelson, John Lowe, Chris Pott, Patrick Schmitz, Mark Cooper
Notes and Minutes:

Discussion about CollectionsSpace Technical Review


 Notes and Minutes:

  • RM gave very quick into to Ray Lee and his prototype work -see next item.
  • RL presented and discussed his "UI Replacement" proposal -see Proposal for a New CollectionSpace UI Architecture
  • There was very little time left after Ray's talk for discussion and questions.  RM will schedule a follow-up discussion and Q&A.


  • Richard Millet (RM)

  • Patrick Schmitz (PS)

  • Chad Nelson (CN)

  • John Lowe (JL)

  • Megan Forbes (MF)

  • Jesse Martinez (JM)

  • Mark Cooper (MC)

  • Guest - Ray Lee (RL)

Action Items:
  • Everyone should review the Technical Review report for discussion at next meeting.
  • RM to schedule a follow-up Q&A session with RL on his prototype work.

  • ...

  • ...

2nd Meeting - March 5, 2015 via Skype


  • Richard MIllet (RM)

  • Patrick Schmitz

  • Chad Nelson (CN)

  • Megan Forbes (MF)

  • Jesse Martinez (JM)

  • Mark Cooper (MC)

Notes and Minutes:
    • Evaluating Community Contributions

    • Supporting Work on Profiles

    • Clearing up “fuzzy” request so they fit into Cspace nicely

      • Reporting

      • Authority

    • Outreach in the community - conference going

    • Helping out New implementors

    • Working through overlapping contributions on Exhibition

  • RM: Questions still unclear about which group TWG vs FWG deals with which kinds of issue that arise. Password hashing a good example since it affects backend and end user.
  • RM: Leadership working group met. Main takeaways:
    • Internal workings, voting, membership etc

    • Deliverables on the membership rollout

    • Reinforce the autonomy of working groups - Influencers of the community

  • JM: Should community contribution docs be updated to reflect WG roles in the process?
    MF: Yes!
  • MC: Proposal to add Russel Palmer from Lyrasis hosting to Functional Working Group.
    MF: Will bring it back to the group

  • Round Robin - what are we doing?
  • RM:
    • Helping Lyrasis Hosting

    • Nuxeo upgrade will include:

      • Move to OpenJDK

      • Tomcat 7

      • lots of libraries

  • JM:
    • Working with Oakland Museum California config and Setup

    • In contact with MediaTrope - Super Slim Cspace, minus 80% of fields

  • MC:
    • Deployment for MMI - Nightly Builds

    • Operational Readiness

      • Backup

      • Monitoring

      • How s3 works with a restore

    • What is holding up Walker Art Center

      • Walker Staffing Issues

      • Walker feels the current code not complete

      • Lyrasis concerned about custom code in current walk configuration

  • PS:
    • Do we need to think about replacing Jasper? No clear answer.

    • Report back that Some local work has been done to look at integrating CollectionSpace and Omeka

  • RM: Homework for next meeting:
    • Read Current Technical Review

    • Read Proposal for a New CollectionSpace UI Architecture


  • PS: What development should we be looking at, keeping in mind in terms of looking for grants/money or partners interested in the same idea.


Action Items:
  • MF: update docs to reflect WG roles in community contribution?

  • RM: Invite Ray to talk about the UI proposal at TWG meeting after next.

  • All: Read the docs


  • Greetings and brief introductions
  • Summary of Tech Working Group's raison d'être
    • Wording in the grant - amendments, changes, etc?
    • Commitment levels of members
    • Structure of group - sub-groups for focuse topics/areas and concrete tasks
      • data migration services
      • reporting and batch processing
      • hosting services
      • technical documentation
      • integrations and extensions (webapps, linked open data, REST API, etc)
      • architecture and refactoring
      • assessment and review of "technical debt"
      • communities of practice (extension sets and profiles)
    • Concrete deliverables from working groups and sub-groups
  • Discuss of long-term and short-term goals
    • Frequency of next few meetings?  One per month over the next six months?
    • Creation of sub-groups
  • Nomination of additional members
  • <TBD>
  • Richard Millet, LYRASIS, CollectionSpace Tech Lead
  • Chad Nelson, LYRASIS, CollectionSpace Developer
  • Chris Pott, SMK, IT Developer
  • Patrick Schmitz, UC Berkeley, Former CollectionSpace Tech Lead
  • Jesse Martinez, Independent, CollectionSpace Developer
  • John Lowe, UC Berkeley, UCB CollectionSpace Tech Lead / Service Manager

Notes and Minutes:

Commitment level of groups: