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CSpace Information Group Extension Field NameCSpace Field Definition CSpace Field IDCSpace Field Type Field Repeatable? Group Repeatable? Default Controlled List Contents
Repatriation and NAGPRA Compliance InformationNAGPRA inventory  Controlled listYes  
 Museum's NAGPRA category det.  Controlled listYes not subject to NAGPRA; affiliated human skeletal remains; unaffiliated human skeletal remains; associated funerary object; unassociated funerary object; sacred object; object of cultural patrimony; subject to NAGPRA; needs further research; unknown
 Repatriation note  TextYes  
 NAGPRA cultural determination  TextYes  
Cultural Care InformationCultural care notes  Text   
 Access limitations      
 Type  Controlled listNoYesdisplay/visual; handling:gender; handling:other; lending; publication; research/access; storage; treatment; unknown
 Level  Controlled listNo preference; recommendation; restriction; unknown
 Details  TextNo  
 Requestor (person)  Person AuthorityNo  
 On behalf of (organization)  Organization AuthorityNo  
 Date  Calendar dateNo