2010 Leadership Grant

Deploying Collections

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  1. Done. Cataloging: Accession number: Made up of six subfields or parts. Need to calculate a read-only Accession Number from those parts.

  2. DoneAdapt 2-3 PAHMA web apps for move support.  They will be doing a pre-move inventory and then staging moves to other locations.

  3. DoneIntegration with BAM/PFA Drupal web site: Build a feed to make metadata available for Drupal web site. Need to look into how images will be made available to Drupal.  Coordinate approach and work with CineFiles Drupal harvesting.
  4. DoneMedia handling workflows: Currently, images are processed via software and moved into folders on hard drives.  Orlando has scripts that watch those folders and then process them to move them into new locations and create FileMaker records that can be related to collection items.  We can a) have them change workflow to use CSpace Media Handling as is, b) have them change workflow to use new Bulk Media Upload utility (would need to be adjusted for them) or c) develop a workflow where their watched folder images get copied to a CSpace server where they are harvested via cron (create MH records, blobs, and relationships to Collection Objects). Embed image metadata: (NLG) Right now, we have a script Orlando wrote that exports a few fields from filemaker so we can embed them in the related image using Adobe bridge - this way the key metadata travels with the image no matter what.
  5. DoneData: Fields from other FMPro layouts (e.g., Asian Collection) 
  6. Acquisition workflow: In the future, BAM/PFA could use a single acquisition transaction with multiple collection items related to it.  Options:

    a) DoneIn scope: Keep as is - Collection Item and Acquisition have a 1:1 relationship.  Acquisition information is redundant, and you can't get the overall acquisition very easily, though we could write reports based on Gift #.

      b) DoneModest effort: Set up Acquisition procedure to be for overall transaction (multiple items). Create some item-specific acquisition fields on cataloging, and treat them as overrides.  Reports could be written that get item-specific information when it exists, or get the information from the Acquisition procedure when the item-specific field is null. 
  7. DoneAcquisition data migration implications: Currently acquisition data is has a one-to-one relationship with the collection item. Acquisition data could be parsed so that multiple collection items are related to a single acquisition transaction record.
  8. DoneData: Parse FileMaker Artists into separate Person and Organization records.   Otherwise, rename either the default person vocabulary or the default organization vocabulary as "Artist" or "Maker" and put all current records into the single vocabulary.
  9. Cataloging: Artist information (DOB, DOD, Origin/Place) displayed read-only. Options: a) derive these Artists fields and display read-only on Cataloging, b) Doneshow how disambiguation works for existing vocabulary items.
  10. Cataloging: Measurement Summary displayed read-only on Detail tab.  Options: a) calculate and display read-only measurement summary higher up on Cataloging, b) Doneensure that CSpace Dimensions are near top and calculate Dimensions Summary, c) ensure CSpace Dimensions are near top but do not calculate Dimensions Summary.
  11. Cataloging: Acquisition fields displayed read-only on Detail tab. Options: a) derive display read-only acquisition fields and display on cataloging, b) Doneshow how secondary tabs currently work to access that information.
  12. Cataloging: Location information displayed read-only on Detail tab.  Note that Current Location will be displayed on Cataloging.  Options: a) derive and display read-only Current Sub Location and Location Purpose fields, b) Donedisplay Current Sub Location read-only on Cataloging (not too hard since we do this for PAHMA crates already), c) show how secondary tabs currently work to access that information.

  13. Cataloging: DoneCalculate a Sortable Object Number so lists sort in a good order (we have done this for PAHMA and others)
  14. DoneReports and extracts: Identify a modest set of reports and data extracts. Develop a few canned reports, plus help from Orlando on extracts and reports.  Counts --- maybe via a web app.

  15. DoneData: Measurements: Probably need to reconcile some issues with measurements (legacy and new fields) and plenty of parsing, especially if calculating a summary field.

  16. Do not migrate – save to Excel (per notes on spreadsheet): Model and migrate approx 150 records that have information from "Works on ExLoan" and "Exhibition & Publication History" layouts (e.g., BorrowLender, ExhibitionDate, ExhibitionTitle, LenderAddress2 fields) 
  17. 5/7 new: Field-by-field audit trail. Using PAHMA's nightly snapshot is an option but that also would be fit-gap. Currently FMPro does not track this level of audit. Tracking history on Current Value and Initial Value is highest priority, so maybe do something for these (e.g., create a repeatable field group for these values).
  18. 5/7 new: DoneData: Parse implicit hierarchy in Subjects/Themes field ("-Documentary" looks like a child of "Society" but it is really just another value in the controlled list). Remember that dynamic lists always sort alphabetically, so this might have to be a static list. 
  19. 5/12 new: DoneIn user interface, calculate person display name (last, first middle; and first middle last for label copy) from name parts and nationality (dropdown).
  20. 5/12 new: In user interface, calculate the full BAMPFA Credit Line field (calculated field "University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive" + CreditLine).  Important field, used often by scanners and photographers.
  21. 5/12 new: Make Object Component Name values a dynamic controlled list.  Include 'Glazing', 'Frame', 'Shelf'.
  22. 5/12 new: Add repeating list for other collection taxonomy: America, Europe, Asia Collection
  23. 5/12 new: The museum would like Notes field groups to be modified to include a date field and a field denoting the person who entered the note
  24. 5/14 new: DoneData: Change Acquisition "For" field from text into dynamic controlled list. Implement as repeating (on Acquisition and per-item Cataloging field)
  25. 5/19 new: DoneAdapt more PAHMA web apps to support move.
  26. Cataloging: Measurements: Automate metric-English unit conversions

  27. Data: Parse hierarchical relationships for CASC project (create Broader Context relationships). 

  28. Data: Parse Materials data into materials and techniques
  29. Data: Convert Acquisition Source, Copyright Holder, Text Author to person or organization authorities
  30. Data: Places: Convert text in Origin/Place on person authority to a Place authority (might be needed for LFM/FML name calculation)

  31. 5/26 new: Convert Publication/Reproduction History to a Citation authority or just enter as text into References field group.
  32. Cataloging/Condition Checking: Incorporate full procedure once adopted by CollectionSpace.
  33. Text Labels (for exhibitions).  Incorporate Exhibition authority and Presentation procedure from Walker once adopted by CollectionSpace. 

  34. Text Labels: Allow text formatting of label text (currently these texts are sent to someone to someone with other software for printing labels?)

  35. Simplify reporting on search results. Might need to build ability to run reports from search results (might not be too bad).  Might need to build checkbox capability to filter search results (probably really hard especially if pagination comes into play).

  36. Data: Subjects/Themes: Currently a drop down but could be converted to authority

  37. Data: Style/Period: Currently a drop down but could be converted to authority

  38. Data: Artists/persons: Assist with cleanup during migration.