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Museum of the Moving Image

*Carl Goodman, Senior Deputy Director, MMI
CollectionSpace Principal Investigator and Project Director

Megan Forbes, Collection Information and Access Manager, MMI
CollectionSpace Functional Lead

Jesse Martinez, MMI
CollectionSpace Systems Administrator and Software Developer

Angela T. Spinazze, Principal, ATSPIN consulting
CollectionSpace Senior Project Advisor and Domain Expert


University of California, Berkeley, Information Services and Technology

*David Greenbaum, Director, Data Services, IST
CollectionSpace Project Director, UCB

Patrick Schmitz, Semantic Services Architect, IST
CollectionSpace Technical Lead

Richard Millet, Applications Programmer, IST
CollectionSpace Senior Services Developer

Aron Roberts, Applications Programmer, IST
CollectionSpace Developer and Analyst

Rick Jaffe, Applications Programmer
CollectionSpace Deployment Developer

Glen Jackson, Informatics Developer and Analyst, IST
CollectionSpace Developer and Analyst

University of Cambridge, Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies

*John Norman, Director, CARET
CollectionSpace Project Director, Cambridge

Chris Martin, CARET
CollectionSpace Developer

University of Toronto, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

*Jutta Treviranus, Director, ATRC
CollectionSpace Project Director, UT

Colin Clark, Technical Lead, Fluid Project
CollectionSpace User Experience Architect

Michelle D'Souza, User Experience Developer, Fluid Project
CollectionSpace User Experience Developer

Yura Zenevich, User Experience Developer, Fluid Project
CollectionSpace User Experience Developer

A * denotes membership on the project's steering committee.


Megan Forbes
Program Manager

Richard Millet
Technical Lead

Leadership Working Group

Laurie Gemmill Arp
Director, Collections Services and Community Supported Software, LYRASIS (ex officio)

Joe Byrd
Chairman, Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt

Carl Goodman
Executive Director, Museum of the Moving Image

David Greenbaum
Director, Research and Content Technologies, Information Services and Technology
University of California, Berkeley

Elizabeth Gail McClenney
Director, Fintel Library, Roanoke College

Robert Miller
Chief Executive Officer, LYRASIS

Ann Baird Whiteside
Librarian/Assistant Dean for Information Resources, Frances Loeb Library, Harvard University Graduate School of Design