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E-mail: aron at socrates dot berkeley dot edu

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Page: Adding a New CollectionSpace Service Page: Adding a new procedure to the Application Layer - links Page: Biosciences data sharing April 21, 2010 Page: Breakout 1 - New Design Dev Process - All Hands October 2010 Page: Code Contributions Review - App Layer - Concept and Place Page: CollectionObject - ROA service modeling - rough notes Page: CollectionSpace 4.1.1 Page: CollectionSpace Recently Updated Page: Comments re repeatable fields in Cataloging Schema, January 2010 Page: Configuration and Customization Notes Page: Configuring NetBeans under Mac OS X Page: Creating a new tenant - with unified config in v4.0 and beyond Page: Creating a Personal CollectionSpace Work Console Page: Creating release branches Page: CSPACE-5678 DocType Notes Page: Debugging SQL by editing logging configuration Page: De Novo Install of 2-Server Deployment on Mac OS X Page: Design patterns for field-level validation Page: Dev tree - rough notes Page: Displaying the current git branch in your command prompt (Unix-like systems) Page: Enabling remote debugging in Tomcat Page: Entity Declaration - rough notes Page: Files to be backed up in a CollectionSpace stack Page: Getting started with SQL queries of the CollectionSpace databases Page: Google Document experiment Page: ID Service Refactoring Notes Page: Installing PostgreSQL on Fedora 10 Page: Missing documentation: suggestions for docs to be written Page: Nick Doty - Personalized Ontologies for Location Page: Notes on 2.4 to 3.2.1 upgrades Page: Notes on adding a new procedure (record type) to app layer tests Page: Nuxeo 5.3 upgrade notes Page: Proposed naming conventions for fields in services payloads Page: Puppet resources for installation and configuration Page: QA test plans notes - v4.1 Oct 2014 Page: Services Team Dev Status Meeting, October 12, 2010 Page: Tagging releases in Git Page: Test redirect page Page: Troubleshooting PostgreSQL-related issues Page: UI Walkthrough notes - 1 - All Hands October 2010 Page: UI Walkthrough notes - 2 - All Hands October 2010 Page: UI Walkthrough notes - 3 - All Hands October 2010 Page: Using tcpmon to interactively debug calls to the Services Layer Page: Workflow for managing images via Services REST API calls