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Notes and plans for addressing the needs around vouchering

Vouchering is the process of preparing materials for a dried specimen sheet for an herbarium. Usually a voucher is a pressed, dried, plant specimen that includes characters necessary for identification and a label detailing where and when it was collected. These specimens are mounted onto acid free paper and can last hundreds of years when protected from insect and environmental damage. Vouchering is an ongoing process; vouchers are often made by graduate student assistants and filed in either the UC or Jepson Herbaria on campus. 

This work is proceeding in the context of preparing a customized instance of CollectionSpace for the UC Botanical Garden. Much of the work is being done by students in a class on campus.

The goal is to extend an existing service, rather than build a new one from scratch. Deliverables include:

Upcoming activities:

  • Gather broader (community) feedback and review of proposed voucher approach, schema, wireframes, etc.

Recent activities:

  • Review of wireframes, workflows and schema with Holly Forbes, curator at UCBG, in Wednesday 4 April class.
  • Interviews with Holly Forbes, curator at UCBG, on Wednesday 29 Feb in class.
  • Review of existing screenshots and schemas for vouchers and related activities (see Resources for class Lecture 10).
  • Fit-gap analyses of current SAGE system support for Vouchers with various candidate services (see attached analyses for A4 prepared by students, listed below).
  • Review of requirements from related institutions (see Resources for class Lecture 11).


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Microsoft Word 97 Document Walden_IS290_02262012.doc Genevieve Walden's notes on A4 Feb 28, 2012 by Patrick Schmitz
PDF File Wootton290AAssignment4.pdf Anne Wootten's notes on A4 Feb 28, 2012 by Patrick Schmitz
PDF File Bailey Info 290a Asst 4.pdf Bailey Smith's notes on A4 Feb 28, 2012 by Patrick Schmitz
PDF File i290_A04_Penny.pdf Christen Penny's notes on A4 Feb 28, 2012 by Patrick Schmitz
PDF File VoucherMappingEMinor.pdf Elizabeth Minor's notes on A4 Feb 28, 2012 by Patrick Schmitz
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  1. I think our core decisions is which foundational element to use (ObjectExit, LoanOut, etc.). However, we can't just ask Holly directly which will best fit the project, so I've listed some questions that might help clarify what should be included/excluded.


    1. Do vouchers need a unique id?
    2. What does location mean for vouchers? Does it really need it's own field? What is location overflow?
    3. Can an accession have multiple vouchers?
    4. Is there a reason that the information that seems relevant to the accession as a whole should be entered in vouchering (taxon, bed number, tri level, etc.)?
    5. What is affinity?
    6. What is sheet number? And why is it represented as a binary in SAGE?