2010 Leadership Grant

Deploying Collections

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For the 2010 Society for the Protection of Natural History Collections meeting (Ottawa, Canada), we gave a presentation titled "Introducing CollectionSpace: A collection management system and foundation for research".  For this presentation, we used the 0.6 release of CollectionSpace and performed the following tasks:

  • Performed data mapping for core specimen data in the existing system (see the data mapping [] document)
  • Modified the data schema for object/cataloging to include a set of important herbaria domain fields (see the data mapping [] document, fields annotated as custom fields)
  • Loaded 1000 records from the existing SMaSCH system into CollectionSpace
  • Performed numerous user customizations (note do not represent final decisions about names of fields):
    • Retitled several fields (e.g., "title" to "Taxon", "Responsible Department" to "Collection")
    • Tied a custom field ("Reproductive State" or phenology) to a dropdown list of accepted values
    • Hid many fields
    • Minimized a section "Object Description Information"
    • Added a new section "Object Field Information" with custom fields for field collection information

A screenshot of the resulting system shows what the main cataloging screen looked like as a result.