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31 <jmartinez> yura1: would you also be able to make a new branch for app?
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32 <yura1> jmartinez: sure
32 <yura1> do you still want me to do it?
32 <jmartinez> yura1: sure. I think it's good to go
33 <jmartinez> then we just need the services layer and we can start QA
33 <yura1> jmartinez: ok ill do it within 15minuts
33 <jmartinez> yura1: thanks. no hurry
44 <yura1> jmartinez: done
45 <jmartinez> thanks so much, yura1
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02 <jmartinez> hi cbogen
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09 <cbogen> hi jmartinez
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11 <jmartinez> hi cbogen. are the qa tasks list ready?
12 <jmartinez> I'm still building the server so that's not quite ready yet
12 <cbogen> jmartinez: I didn't create any new tests for this round since it was all bug fixes - I believe heatherhart has set up the tasks list
13 <jmartinez> cbogen: oh good. Thanks, carly.
13 <jmartinez> heatherhart: ayt?
16 <yura> mmimegan: ayt?
17 <mmimegan> yura: yep, what's up?
18 <yura> mmimegan: just to confirm for Monday, I m going to this hotel right?
20 <mmimegan> yura: yep, that's the place
20 <yura> mmimegan: thanks
41 <heatherhart> jmartinez: sorry did you still need me?
42 <jmartinez> hi heatherhart. just curious if the qa task list is ready to go
44 <heatherhart> jmartinez: it's usable. I had a question before I finished it that I was actually hoping you could help with
44 <jmartinez> I'm all ears (and eyes), heatherhart
44 <heatherhart> jmartinez: when it comes to what we're supposed to test for a minor release, im not sure whether all of the secondary tab test plans are supposed to be tested
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45 <heatherhart> see instructions
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45 <mmimegan> yura: did I ever send you your hotel confirmation?
46 <jmartinez> heatherhart: I believe so. looking back on older qa tasks while minor releases there are the supplementary tasks
46 <jmartinez> for instance
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00 <yura> mmimegan: no
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11 <heatherhart> jmartinez: i know im supposed to inclued all supplementary tasks. but it says to pick one primary tab test and do that on a minor release. just not sure about secondary tab, non-supplemenary plans
12 <jmartinez> oh, secondary tabs (I didn't originally read that)... I don't think it's necessary, from what I recall
12 <jmartinez> heatherhart: ^
13 <yura> mmimegan: should i have one ?
16 <heatherhart> jmartinez: okay thanks. sorry for the delay, I can't figure out how to make the window notify me when I'm mentioned.
17 <jmartinez> are you on win7, heatherhart?
17 <heatherhart> jmartinez: yes
19 <heatherhart> jmartinez: also it seems that firefox 10 is out, does that mean that Tier 1 is FF 9 or 10?
19 <jmartinez> heatherhart: I had some problems with that too. I had to change the options for Pidgin on the win7 notification bar to "show icon and notifications". it's found in the "customize" option in the notification bar in the lower right
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21 <heatherhart> jmartinez: Thanks!
22 <jmartinez> mmimegan: ^^ that might help too if you have trouble with pidgin hiding notifications
26 <heatherhart> jmartinez: any idea on the firefox tier question?
26 <heatherhart> cbogen: are we supposed to have test plans for Import and/or export? That could be why we didnt find this import bug before 2.0. There is a link to it but no testplan on the page.
27 <jmartinez> heatherhart: I think we'll hold off on FF10 since we didn't develop using that browser version.
27 <jmartinez> we'll save that for 2.2
28 <cbogen> heatherhart: Good question. I believe that was something Kasper was doing, since it's not a UI thing, it's not something I can write...I'm looking through some e-mails right now
29 <mmimegan> heatherhart, cbogen: excellent question! we should indeed have import and export test plans, and as far as I know, they were never written. heatherhart - writing these test plans could be a good doc sprint exercise
29 <cbogen> heatherhart, mmimegan: I have an e-mail from 3/17/11 that says Kasper and Patrick were collaborating on testing import, but that's all I can find
34 <heatherhart> mmimegan, cbogen: I will add it to the list then. Should I create a testing task to just test it without a specific procedure?
36 <jmartinez> heatherhart, mmimegan, cbogen: qa server is ready. once the tasks are ready then we can send out an email to the lists
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16 <cbogen> heatherhart: yes, usually the import and export tasks are part of the list despite the fact that they don't have procedures
28 <heatherhart> jmartinez: go for it
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56 <aronr> jmartinez: just now responded to your query in private chat
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