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I wanted to share the options we are considering for the primary and secondary tabs and get some feedback from the team. Here are the options and their strengths and weaknesses (that I foresee). Please feel free to add comments or respond to the thread on the list.

New approach

Entertaining different ideas for related tabs, to make the distinction between the primary tab and related tabs clear.

Approach 3

Showing the number of related records in the tab. It's a wealth of information at a glance and makes it clear that the tabs are for related records .

Approach 4

Showing "Current record" in the primary tab, and showing the procedure names in the secondary tabs. The tabs won't change record-to-record.

Approach 5

Displaying the record ID in the primary tab, and truncating the ID where necessary.

The following image illustrates the redundancy between the header and the primary tab.

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  1. ATS:  I like a combination of approaches 3 and 4.  Erin, I know that you already spoke with the SMK team about these wireframes, and I just wanted to share with you they re-iterated that they like that same combo too (option3: use of numbers for related records) and (option4: current record singled out as unique from the static tabs)