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The acquisition number is already generated by the system. User would like to enter the object's two parts.

User mouses over the Create subnumber icon. After 1 second of hovering, the help text "Create subnumber" is displayed. 

User clicks on the icon to create a subnumber. A green arrow is displayed in front of the original number to indicate that it is the parent number, and a sub number is displayed below it. 

User clicks on the subnumber button again, and another subnumber is generated using the same numbering system. 

User clicks on the arrow in front of the parent number. It collapses the sub numbers and only shows the parent number. 


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MF + ATS 3/9/09: Would be useful to be able to add a quantity of sub-numbers rather than clicking the button for each addition. In this case, the user would need to be able to choose the sub-number style (e.g. letters, numbers, etc.). The sub-numbers should link to sub-number object records when they exist. When the sub-numbers are hidden, the main number should include a summary of their existence (e.g. MMI_2931a-z). New functionality request - that the user could type in something like MMI-2931a-z and the system would automatically create the numbers included in that range.

Erin: User should be able to pick one of two types: Parts or Sets, and How many