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Predictive text (handling equivalence)

When there are multiple versions of the same term, the preferred term for the search results (non-preferred terms) will appear. The Ui requirements are as follows:

  • The preferred term should be selectable, and displayed in black (#000000)
  • The non-preferred terms should not be selectable IF they are configured not to be allowed; they should be selectable if they are configured to be allowed. They should always displayed in dark grey (#999999) 
  • All terms that contain the search keyword(s) should show up in the list. If only the non-preferred terms contain the search keyword, and not the preferred term, the preferred term should still be listed. i.e. If the search keyword "henri" is included in the non-preferred terms (Duchamp, Henri Robert Marcel) but not in the preferred term (Duchamp, Marcel), the preferred term should still be listed.

Predictive text (with equivalence and multiple vocabularies within the same authority)

Note: Users must choose a vocabulary when adding a term, and cannot simply add the term to the authority as a whole.

Predictive text

Predictive text with hover popup (for later iteration)

The hover popup will:
a) Indicate whether a term is preferred or non-preferred
b) Indicate the language of the term, and whether it's the preferred term for that language
c) Display a term summary
d) Display the hierarchical view for the term

Term summaries should include:
Person: display name; birth date; death date; biographical note
Organization: display name; founding date; dissolution date; history
Storage Location: Display name
Concept: TBD
Place: TBD


Please comment here...

MF + ATS 3/9/09: Looks good. Is the convention a plus sign or an arrow? Both are used. The example field name should be consistent (Author name vs. Field name). With the second set, only one letter is typed before suggestions appear - can/should we change this to three? What is the standard?

ND 3/10/09: These things are all just updates that need to be made to the images. Will do.

ND 3/16/09: Updated files