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This wireframe is...



Fix for

being implemented

Need to implement file upload and linking




Display thumbnails in the media related records tab.




Allow deletion of media.



On this page

Media record with no file attached

Media record with a media file attached


  1. Walkthrough with Joe King, the Walker

    • Can you customize the top column? Would like to add: Artist, Description (instead of Title, if there are multiple views of the object)
    • Would there be Video? Artist interviews, etc.
  2. Walkthrough with Kim and Kirsten, SMK

    There is an in-house database where the images are stored. Each image gets a unique inventory number, which is referred to from one field in the production database. There us a copy of the production database (with the same images) in the cms.

    Re: wireframes, "that's beautiful. We'd definitely use this."

  3. ChrisH says that they need to have a link to the original (full-sized) media, available on the Media record editor. Clicking this link would "bring up the original image in the same or new window or tab using browser controls."

    Similarly, they request that "Media snapshot in right pane (e.g., of Cataloging screen) is a link (or has a link displayed) to the original file (e.g., the tiff or larger jpeg) so that user can bring up the original image in the same or new window or tab using browser controls."

  4. The pictured UX/workflow does not seem to allow for specifying a file reference on a remote system, that should not be uploaded, but rather only linked to. Derivatives should be produced and stored locally, but the media file link should be to the remote location. This is a requirement for the UCB deployments (using media stored on a DAM or equivalent).