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This is the landing page for Find/Edit.

the idea is that for each of the 3 sections the user can go into the filter pop up and select which sections they want to have appear. The link "view in one list" is a toggle that eliminates the open/close sections and aggregates all items into one list like the recent records. each box is collapsible.

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  1. ATS: Hi Designers, I have just been working with v0.4 and noticed a few functional issues with Find/Edit so, I thought I would post my comments here on the wireframe page so that others can chime in and everything will be in one place.  I hope that is helpful. 

    1a. We seem to be missing a way to go back and see the last search that took place.  Currently (v0.4), each time I click on Find/Edit, a search is run to retrieve the complete set of records for each category (object records, procedural records, vocabulary, etc.).  What I need to have happen is to click on Find/Edit, run a search (either a. of my choosing, or, b. if I have set things up as you indicate in this wireframe - a saved search that shows my recent work), and get back some results.  What I also need to have happen is that this search result stays static until I ask to run a new search.  This way, as I move through records to edit them, there is always a way for me to come back to the results of the search I just ran to continue working. 

    1b. Another option would be to provide me with a way to define the fields I want to see in a search result, in columnar form (or what we might call a list view) and then to provide me with the ability to 'edit' directly into that form the search results that are displayed.

    2. Related to this:  Is there a way to access search results from within edit, without having to click on Find/Edit?  For example, say I run a search for all records related to an upcoming Loan In.  And, I pick one record to edit.  Clicking on that one record takes me to another screen where I edit that one record.  Is it possible to move to the next record in the search from the edit page?  Or, do I need to click on Find/Edit again, and then click on the record I want to work with to go back to the edit environment?  I think the answer is yes, but then again, I wonder if this is what the toolbar at the bottom of the wireframe on this page is for.

    I realize we are only just beginning to address Search functionality, however, I am finding it very confusing that each time I click on Find/Edit, a search is run without my asking to run it, and that it is not currently possible to return to a set of search results.  I would be happy to discuss further, if that is helpful.  Thanks!