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When there is a default item:

The dropdown field shows the default or previously selected value. User mouses over the dropdown field.

User clicks inside the dropdown field. The field opens to show the available options. The previously selected value (Option 3) has a checkmark to the left of it. Option 3 is also highlighted in blue since the cursor is over it. 

User mouses over Option 6, and it is now highlighted. 

User clicks on Option 6, the dropdown closes immediately, and the selected option is shown in the field. 

User clicks inside the field again, and Option 6 has the checkmark next to it. 

When there is no default item:

The dropdown field shows grey italisized "- Select (field name) -" text.


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MF + ATS 3/9/09: Looks good, unsure about the check mark. Is it necessary/useful?

EY: It is a common convention in many desktop applications. It shows which option is selected even when the highlight is moved away from the selected option.