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Save Confirmation

When the user attempts to navigate away from the record and there are unsaved change,

Delete Confirmation

When the user clicks Delete and has the permission to delete the current record as well as all related records,

1. Display the following popup:

2. If the user clicks on Delete on the popup, delete the record and cancel its relationships. Load the previous page the user came from. If there is a list on that page (Search Results, Related Records, etc.) it should be refreshed so that it does not display the deleted record.

Delete Warning

When the user clicks Delete and does not have the permission to delete the related records, display

Cancel confirmation

When the user has made changes to a record and clicks Cancel changes, the following popup will appear:

Cancel warning

When the user made no changes to the current record, the "Cancel changes" button would be greyed out. On hover, the following message should display:

Remove confirmation

When the user clicks Remove from the secondary tab or "x" on the right side to remove a related record,