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Advanced Search - Keyword & Field-based Search


  1. We should add fields to the advanced search for "record modified by" and "modified date."

  2. Design 1 shows what appears to be the option to choose multiple record types (check boxes). Since we are not yet supporting this, option 2 would be better (drop down). On the other hand, eventually we will support search across multiple record types, so design 1, if changed to radio buttons for now, could go back to multiple choice (check boxes) laterr.

    On the other hand, overall I find design 2 easier to follow

  3. Will we be able to add  custom fields or extensions to the list of searchable fields on a record?  For example, in the natural history collections, they will expect to see Scientific Taxonomy name or determination on the search.  That field will in fact be in an official CollectionSpace schema, but what about ones that are added only for a specific tenant (e.g., NAGPRA code for PAHMA)? We do not need a UI to add fields to advanced search.  It is OK if a programmer does it somewhere in the CollectionSpace stack.

  4. We need to be able to compose advanced search strings using Boolean operators (including brackets) or a similar approach, not just in keyword searches, but also in field based searches. In principle all fields (whether CS Core or extensions) should be searchable across record types. And each field should be allowed to appear more than once in an extended search string.


    Are the predefined fields in the Field-based Search determined by CollectionSpace, or could they be configured to the needs of each institution, or better yet each end-user?

  5. Walkthrough with Mal Ahern, MMI

    • Wildcard search is very important
    • In current system, you can navigate to the next search result from the record itself. Would like to see that option in CollectionSpace.
    • Wants to be able to select which fields in a record to search and add them together
    • Wants to be able to choose to search only the primary of a set of repeatable fields
    • Would be nice to be able to search objects without media in addition to with media (Use Case: needs to find all records without an image to add scanned images)
      • Image checkbox is confusing. If not selected, are you searching all records or only records WITHOUT media?
    • Would like to be able to search through all record types at once. (Use Case: looking for items by title but isn't sure whether it was accessioned yet)
    • Can't Boolean search within authority fields - therefore, can authority fields be repeatable within the search wireframe?
    • Would like date search to look like structured dates in order to search ranges, but would also like a checkbox option to search exact dates only
      • Question: if searching a structured date field for 300 BC, and the range entered into the field in a record was 100 to 500 BC, will that record appear?
        • If range in field in record is bigger, it should appear
        • If range is smaller, should it appear? Not sure
        • What if it's overlapping? Not sure