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Proposed Vocabulary Admin Workflow

Vocabulary Admin screen (older)

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  1. Is this current, or deprecated? If current:

    How will someone set the contact information for a person?

    How will someone associate a person to an organization, or to another person?

    How will we indicate hierarchies of terms (e.g., of organizations->sub-organizations, of families->persons, of places, etc.)? There were wireframes for Storage or something that showed parent/child (a.k.a. broader/narrower). How will those relate to this?

    Is it the assumption that authorities can only be added through configuration? This is okay for now, but we'll have to think at some point about editing information (display name) for an authority, creating new authorities, importing and exporting, etc. Post 2.0 I guess.

  2. Patrick - most of the questions you're asking will be handled within the term record itself, rather than through this admin interface. I will work with Erin to make what happens here vs. what happens in the term record clearer.

  3. Patrick (and all), please see the updated version of this wireframe. For now, it does not deal with creating new authorities/vocabs, importing, exporting, etc. If this make it into the 2.0 roadmap, we'll work on designs for it.

  4. I don't understand the relationship between the "vocabularies" in this wireframe and the authorities we have been building (person, organization) from the back end. What does CollectionSpace do with these vocabularies that are "used by" certain authorities? So far the person and organization authorities I've been loading are the vocabularies, though I believe you can use more than one authority/vocabulary per field. If there is a concept that a field uses a single authority composed of one or more vocabularies? Is this just terminology or do the "vocabularies" have to be merged into an authority somehow?