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This wireframe is...



Fix for


Need to fix selection highlight bug



On this page

Buttons to include in each user profile page


Buttons to include

Create new role page

Cancel and Save

View only page

Delete, Duplicate, and Edit

Edit page

Delete, Duplicate, Cancel, and Save

Editing a user profile

Creating a user

Error while creating a user

Deleting a user

Deleting a user without any logged activities

Deleting a user with logged activities

Finding a user

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  1. Walkthrough with Joe King, the Walker

    Overall, it is straightforward and easy.


    • If you log in with one login, do you get all three roles?
      • We allow for each user to have multiple roles. Should they have access to all of the assigned roles once they log in? Should we require separate logins? Should a user only have one role?
      • Joe logs himself as different user when he performs certain tasks to, for example, prevent "inadvertently deleting information. It's nice to go in with different levels of information."
    • Is User ID generated?
    • Does the System Administrator type in the password for the user? What is Confirm password?
    • What are the values for Status field?

    To do for Erin:

    • Table should match the roles selected
    • Duplicate button should appear on the user page