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  1. Need flags for active/inactive.

  2. In order to support Description and Term Source, we'll have to add to the services schema (trivial). Does this UI allow editing the Description and Term Source? What is Page?

    What does the little red dot mean? Default? If so, is the default a function of the CT-list, or of the use of that list in a given field? E.g., I could easily imagine that "Responsible Department" might have different defaults in different contexts. Or is this just the default if no other is specified?

    Also, we have had requests to set the order of the items in the list. Does this UI allow for re-ordering?

    Do you think there will be any confusion about selecting an item and then clicking on Delete (i.e., confusing the delete of the term list, with the delete of an item)? Would it make sense to label it as "Delete Term List"?

    Will users who delete an item, have to click Save for their changes to stick? I presume so.

    I was thinking about the difference between editing a list that already exists, versus the case of Duplicate. In the former case, "Save" is "Save New" and in the latter it is "Save Changes". I know this is more verbose and may be ugly - how do you feel about longer labels like this?

    Similarly, in the case of editing an existing list, Cancel might be easier to understand (learn) as "Discard Changes". What do you think?

    Thanks - Patrick

  3. Looking good!  Some questions:

    Why is the term-list name a drop-down? Shouldn't it just be an entry?

    Am assuming the red dot is a default value. Can we add some static text to aid in discovery of this function, since there is no room in the column header?

    Am assuming that all the text fields are click-and-edit, right?

    Does it make sense to have a global default value, or should default values be defined in each context (fields where this term-list can be used)? Should there be a note to indicate that this is the default default value, but there may be different defaults in each context?

    What is the bottom Field chooser for? I presume that term-lists can be (re-)used in many contexts. Also, AIUI, the app layer config was not planning to be dynamic about these assignments (i.e., this could only be set in config).

    1. the configuration of these lists thr the config is just a temporary measure to allow the initial configuration. It was always envisaged that these lists would dynamically change over time as was part of other wireframes that values could be added and removed when actually editing the records and procedures.

  4. Walkthrough with Mal Ahern, MMI:

    • Likes that you can't delete terms in-use, likes inactive status
    • Can there be a save button at the bottom as well?
  5. Walkthrough with SMK:

    • Wireframe is easy to recognize and understand. "Looks good".
    • Need an extra field for translation. Needs list equivalents in order to choose language based on context. This is very important.
    • Likes that you can't delete in-use terms. Likes the inactivate option.
    • Would like to see "used by" field expanded to include name of the procedure as well as the field name
    • Would like to have "none" or "please select a value" available as choices
    • Need to be able to add a field
    • Alphabetical order is sufficient - while some lists could be ordered by most used, that's too complicated