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CollectionSpace uses several wiki spaces, managed by Atlassian's Confluence software, for project coordination, planning, and documentation.

Everyone is welcome to browse the CollectionSpace wiki spaces.

In order to create new content in any wiki space, you first need to create an account on the CollectionSpace wiki system (free, easy, and quick)! One account may be used across all three spaces.  After doing so, see Using the CollectionSpace Wiki for tips on finding and editing content on the wiki.

CollectionSpace's Wiki Spaces

CollectionSpace Project Wiki

The CollectionSpace project wiki is used for project coordination and planning. This wiki contains information about project roadmaps and strategic plans, functional requirements, release management and quality assurance, and high-level information about the software's technical infrastructure.

CollectionSpace Documentation Wikis

There are a number of documentation wikis:

  • The CollectionSpace Release Documentation wiki contains documentation for the latest (current) release of CollectionSpace.
  • The CollectionSpace Unreleased Current Documentation wiki contains documentation for the next (in-progress) release of CollectionSpace.
  • Documentation for many past releases, from version 2.0-on, is archived.  You can view the documentation for a specific CollectionSpace release by following the links in the left navigation sidebar on any of the Documentation wikis.  (For the most part, the contents of archived Documentation wikis aren't modified afterwards, save for critical changes.)

Internal Mechanics of the Wikis

About the CollectionSpace Wikis

The CollectionSpace wikis are built using Atlassian Confluence, a widely-used, well-regarded commercial product for hosting wikis and other related team collaboration tools.

LYRASIS uses Confluence under the terms of a free Atlassian Community License, available to "official not for profit organisations and charities." This license must be annually renewed.

Space Keys for the CollectionSpace Wikis

Within Confluence, each wiki space is identified by a 'space key': a short, unique name.  When you are viewing a wiki, the space key is visible in the wiki's URL, following

For instance:

When you are administering wikis - a task that requires appropriate access permissions on CollectionSpace's Confluence instance - you can also select and work with these various wiki spaces via their respective space keys.

Rotating the Documentation Wikis at Release Time

With each new release of CollectionSpace, three documentation wiki spaces are 'rotated' to reflect this change.  Instructions for performing this rotation can be found in Documentation Rotation.

Performing this task requires that you have access permissions relevant to this task, on CollectionSpace's Confluence instance.

Starting and Stopping the Confluence Wiki Server

To start or stop the Confluence wiki server: