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User Story Summaries are for capturing notes about broad user stories, or user story themes, related to a particular topic. These may be used as inspiration and source material for creating specific user stories, which may in turn be implemented in various system releases. Some of these broad stories, or themes, may not be implemented in the 1.0 release.
Sysadmin: Creating/managing vocabularies

Sysadmin can create a new vocabulary

  • Sysadmin can create a new vocabulary from scratch
  • Sysadmin can create a vocabulary from a file (e.g. CSV)
  • Sysadmin can import an existing vocabulary (e.g. Getty, see instructions)
  • Sysadmin can update an existing vocabulary

Sysadmin can configure a vocabulary for use with a field

Sysadmin can deactivate a vocabulary

User: Vocabulary management

User can add a new term to a vocabulary

User can view all provisionally added vocabulary terms

  • User can approve/not a provisionally added term
  • User can replace a provisionally added term with an accepted term

User can merge two or more existing vocabulary terms

User can edit an existing vocabulary term

User can inactivate a vocabulary term

User can view vocabulary term's usage (may limit by record type)

User can export vocabulary term's usage

User can edit the order (e.g. alphabetize) of a vocabulary

User: Adding terms to a record

User can add a term from a controlled list to a field

User can add a term from a vocabulary to a field

Possible Version 1 Workflow

  • Term entered into field
  • System performs look-up of vocabulary
  • Search results returned to user
  • User chooses term or adds new term to vocabulary

Possible Version 2 Workflow

  • First few characters entered into field
  • System suggests potential field values
  • User can view additional information about each suggested term (date, source, etc.)
  • User can select term from auto-suggest list or add new term to vocabulary

User can create relationships among vocabulary records, e.g. an organization to a place, a person to an organization, a role to a person, etc.

Vocabulary Types

Place (Geographic)
Storage Location

  • Exhibition
  • Collecting Event
    Bibliographic (Citations)
Discussion Questions

How will a sysadmin (or other) handle local additions to an existing vocabulary?

What would the workflow for denying a provisional term look like?

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