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Background - User Stories

User stories serve a similar purpose as Use-Cases but are different in several important respects. For example, User Stories are used to create time estimates and set priorities during a Release Planning meeting. They are also used instead of a large requirements document. User Stories are written from the point of view of the customers or end-users. User Stories should describe the things that the system needs to do for end-users. They are similar to Use-Case Scenarios, except that they are not limited to describing a user interface. They are in the format of about three sentences of text written by the customer in the customers terminology without techno-syntax.

User Stories by Subject

Acquisition Stories
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Administration Stories
Audit Stories
Collections Exposure Stories
Customization and Configuration Stories
Dashboard Stories
Date and Time Stories
Delete Stories
Dimensions Stories
Help Stories
Identifier Stories
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Import Stories
Intake Stories
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Loan Stories
Location Authority Stories
Location-Movement-Inventory Stories
Media Stories
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Object Entry Stories
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Object Exit Stories
Performance Stories
Person-Contact-Org Authority Stories

Note: see also many of the Vocabulary Stories (below) that support Person and Organization user stories.

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Procedure Stories
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Relationship Stories
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Repeatability Stories
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Reporting Stories
Search Stories
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Template Stories
User Management Stories
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Vocabulary Stories
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User Story Summaries

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