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CSpace Information Group CSpace Field NameCSpace Field Definition CSpace Field Type Field Repeatable? Group Repeatable? Controlled List Contents
Use of collections informationReference numberA unique identifying number for the use of an object or group of objects under the auspices of the organizationTextNo  
 MethodThe way in which an object is used.Controlled list; dynamicYes Exhibition; Research; Publication
 TitleThe name of an exhibition, display, article, or other object use.TextNo  
 Authorized byThe name of the staff member giving final approval for the object usePerson authorityNoNo 
 Authorization dateThe date of approval for the object useCalendar dateNo  
 Authorization noteAny additional information about the authorization of the object useTextNo  
 Start/single dateThe single or first date an object was usedCalendar dateNo  
 End dateThe last date an object was usedCalendar dateNo  
 UserThe Person or Organization using an object or group of objects.Organization authority; Person authorityNoYes 
 User typeControlled list describing the type of useControlled list; dynamicNo exhibition organizer; presenter; publisher; researcher
 LocationThe location of the object useOrganization authority; Place authority; Storage location authorityNo  
 NoteAny additional information about the use of an object or group of objects not captured by controlled fields.TextNo  
 ProvisosAny limits on the use of the object or group of objects.TextNo  
 ResultInformation about the outcome of the use of the object(s).TextNo  


























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