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The management and documentation of the transport of objects for which the organisation is partially or fully responsible.


  • Ensure that all transport is carried out in compliance with the organisation's transport policy;
  • Ensure that, in the case of borrowed objects, the requirements of the lender and their insurance policy (e.g. Government Indemnity) are met;
  • Ensure that all legal obligations are complied with, including any customs requirements, CITES, airfreight security legislation, and firearms regulations;
  • Ensure that a condition check of the object is carried out (and recorded) prior to transport arrangements being made;
  • Ensure that a method statement for the move is prepared, including a risk assessment and emergency plan;
  • Ensure that appropriate insurance/indemnity arrangements are in place prior to the transport;
  • Record and maintain an audit trail of the reasons for the move, mode of transport, dates of the transport, and details of those carrying out the transport.

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Spectrum Version 3.1
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