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Robin Dale
Senior Director of Digital Services, LYRASIS

Megan Forbes
CollectionSpace Community and Outreach Manager, LYRASIS

Michael Giordano
Chief Operating Officer, LYRASIS

Carl Goodman,
Executive Director, Museum of the Moving Image

David Greenbaum
Director, Research IT, University of California, Berkeley

Richard Millet
Senior Software Engineer, Research IT, University of California, Berkeley

Patrick Schmitz
Associate Director, Research IT, University of California, Berkeley

CollectionSpace Program Director, LYRASIS



Welcome remarks by Carl, Robin, and Mike

Discussion around proposed launch of CSpace-as-a-Service, July 2014

  • SaaS tools, infrastructure, documentation
  • Specific questions for UCB technical team
  • Process for first hosted subscribers
  • Staffing

Status of tool transfer to LYRASIS

  • Mailing lists and website
  • Atlassian tools: Confluence & Jira
  • Continuous integration server & tools
  • QA server and associated workflow/practices
  • Demo server and associated workflow/practices
  • Transfer of release management
  • Source code repository

Knowledge transfer planning: UCB to LYRASIS



Status reports

  • Officers’ grant activities
    • Automated installer
    • Unified config documentation updates
    • Fluid documentation: quality, do we need more?
    • RM and AR Jira cleanup activities
  • Community outreach activities Q1-Q2 2014
    • New implementers, new prospects, RFIs
    • Conference attendance: AASLH, SEMC
  • Community contributions, timeline for integration
    • Pending: Valuation, Condition Check
    • To-be-reviewed, see Code Contribution Register

Next steps

  • Schedule transition meeting #2 for early summer (June?)
  • Identification of possible committee members
    • Leadership
    • Technical
    • Functional

Light Reading

Proposal Narrative and Transition Timeline
Technical Lead Draft Job Description
Developer Job Draft Job Description

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