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The CollectionSpace Technical Working Group will consist of technology experts from museums using CollectionSpace. The Working Group will include the CollectionSpace Technical Lead, who will serve as Chair, and existing CollectionSpace development team members as well as the CollectionSpace Program Director in ex officio capacities. The Technical Working Group may meet up to three times per year virtually and once per year face-to-face. Its purpose will be to provide overall technical guidance to CollectionSpace. Responsibilities will include:

  • Determine the technical and architectural direction of the software.
  • Define technical requirements for changes to software and enhancements as recommended by the Functional Committee
  • Review, approve, and prioritize functional or internal changes to software, including community contributions and funded development projects.
  • Develop/maintain guidelines for review and testing of all external code contributions before the code is added to the software code base.
  • Provide oversight of software and best practice guidelines for all contributors.
  • Build and maintain technical partnerships with platform, tool, and integration partners.
  • Engage with and enhance CollectionSpace’s public image in the technical community and work with LYRASIS to communicate development needs to the community.

Current Members

  • Richard Millet, CollectionSpace Technical Lead, LYRASIS
  • Ray Lee, Senior Developer, UC Berkeley
  • Jesse Martinez, CollectionSpace Service Provider
  • Patrick Schmitz, Associate Director, UC Berkeley
  • Granite Horizon, CollectionSpace Service Provider,
  • Mark Cooper, DTS Tech Lead, LYRASIS
  • John Lowe, Researcher, UC Berkeley



10th Meeting - Friday May 26, 2017 at 2pm PT via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • v4.5 Release - see Release 4.5 for details
    • Drydock Update
    • Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums, WESTAF, Kress Foundation, DOI
  • Work on agenda for CollectionSpace Services workshop
    • Review reasons/justification for holding a workshop
    • Create a list of goals and objectives for the workshop
    • Review "CollectionSpace Service Inventory"
    • Discuss approaches to achieving our goals and objectives
    • Discuss workshop format; virtual, in-person, series of meetings, etc
    • Scheduling (pick candidate dates and times)
Attendees: Jesse Martinez, Mark Cooper, John Lowe, Ray Lee, Patrick Schmitz, Richard Millet, Yousuf Nejati
Notes and Minutes:  All agreed that an in-person workshop related to the topics outlined in this document would be helpful.  Given the amount of discussion/work that could take place for each topic, there was the idea of holding single-topic on-line webinar like sessions.
Action Items: Richard M. to work with Megan F. to schedule an in-person meeting of the TWG.

9th Meeting - Friday August 5, 2016 at 2:30pm PT via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • Mellon Grant
    • v4.4 Released
    • UI Framework rewrite update and roadmap
    • Hosting update
  • CollectionSpace v4.5 Release
  • Making CollectionSpace easier to install, configure, deploy, and maintain
    • Improving documentation
      • Installing
      • Configuring
      • Deploying
      • Upgrading
      • Trouble shooting common issues
    • Improving error handling and error messages
    • Creating and running reports
    • Improving tools for migrating to CollectionSpace from other systems
      • Improving API documentation
      • Improving creating data migration tools
Notes and Minutes:
Action Items:

8th Meeting - Thursday May 12, 2016 at 4pm PT via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Office
    • Mini-grant updates
    • Membership updates
    • Community Profiles update
  • Current Development v4.4
    • Shared Authority Server (Richard)
    • Community Profiles update
    • Semantic versioning proposal for future releases (Ray)
    • Automated testing (Aron)
    • Web app contributions (John)
  • Governance Changes
    • Who should be in TWG?
    • How long should membership be?
    • Are elections needed?
    • What's the correct size?
Notes and Minutes:
Action Items:

7th Meeting - Friday February 5, 2016 at 1:30pm PST via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Update from CollectionSpace Program Manager, Megan Forbes
    • Mini-grants updates
    • New implementers/deployers
    • Reporting requests from community
    • Community profiles updates
    • Membership and sustainability updates
    • Mellon updates
  • CollectionSpace hosting and service providers
    • Update from Mark Cooper, LYRASIS
    • Update from Peter Murray, Cherry Hill
  • v4.3 release update (Release 4.3)
    • Discuss Elasticsearch vs NXQL changes for v4.3 or v4.4 release
    • Nuxeo updates

    • QA automation
    • Canned reports
  • v4.4 release planning (Release 4.4)
    • Additional canned reports
    • Additional community profiles
    • Web apps integration
    • Public browsing tools -WordPress plugin, Omeka, LYRASIS browser, UCB portal web apps
    • Shared Authority Server (work starts in mid February)
  • Richard Millet, Peter Murray, Ray Lee, Jesse Martinez, John Lowe, Mark Cooper, Patrick Schmitz
Notes and Minutes:
  • Ray Lee was introduced as new TWG member.
  • Megan Forbes gave an update of the CollectionSpace Program (
  • Mark Cooper (LYRASIS) and Peter Murray (Cherry Hill) gave short update on their hosting/service efforts.
  • Jesse working on a shared authority solution for CollectionSpace/ArchivesSpace. 
Action Items:
  • Jess and Richard will meet to discuss shared authority issues.

6th Meeting - Friday September 4, 2015 at 11am PST via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Aron Roberts (UCB Guest)
  • Ray Lee (UCB Guest)
  • John Lowe
  • Patrick Schmitz
  • Peter Murray
  • Chad Nelson
  • Richard Millet
Notes and Minutes:
  • <Notes pending from Chad Nelson> 
Action Items:
  • Richard to schedule next meeting.
  • Richard to implement initial NXQL -> ESQL changes for fulltext searches and handoff to UCB for evaluation

5th Meeting - Friday August 14, 2015 at 9am PST via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • v4.3 Update
  • TWG Check-in.
  • Finish review of  Technical Review report.
  • Update on Ray Lee's UI replacement prototype work
  • Discuss "recommended" platform idea -i.e., supporting only Debian flavors of Linux like Ubuntu
  • Nominate Peter Murray to replace Chris Pott
  • Mark Cooper
  • Richard Millet
  • John Lowe
  • Patrick Schmitz
  • Chad Nelson
Notes and Minutes:


Highlights at v4.3 Update

  • Hope to release by the end of the year

  • Code freeze by November

  • Lots of work on automated tests - Hopefully 50% of manual tests automated by 4.3

  • More Profiles work

  • Refactored Django Webapps

  • Add ElasticSearch support

  • Jasper Studio updates

TWG Check-in

  • Suggestion: Have a look at SMK Solr

  • We should meet more often?

Technical Report

Recommended Platform

  • Latest Long Term Support Ubuntu will be the only officially supported OS

  • Other platforms may de facto continue to be supported by the community

New Members

  • Peter Murray Nomination approved

Action Items:
  • Schedule Next Meeting

4th Meeting - Friday May 22, 2015 at 9am PST via Skype

The fourth meeting of the CollectionSpace Technical Working Group took place on Friday May 22nd, 2015 at 9am PST.

Agenda Items:
  • Discuss "Next Steps" for Ray Lee's UI replacement work
  • Discuss Technical Review report.
  • Chad Nelson to present a summary of Extension and Profile work in upcoming v4.2 release
  • Richard Millet, Jesse Martinez, Chad Nelson, John Lowe, Chris Pott, Patrick Schmitz, Mark Cooper
Notes and Minutes:

Discussion about CollectionsSpace Technical Review

  • A feeling that some sentiments people expressed in interviews were not expressed in the Technical Review

  • Questions about why the full review, including interviews, was not published.

Going through the recommendations

  • Upgrade Nuxeo

    • Done in 4.2

    • However, elasticsearch will not be included

    • Base schemas should not be affected by the upgrade

  • Improve Migration Support

    • This recommendation does not go far enough. Should be full suite of tools to handle this.

    • Many note that no push button system exists.

    • Maybe need for ETL scripts for generic common systems

  • Upgrade Infusion

    • Much disagreement with this rec.

    • Everyone prefers looking for a new solution for the UI

  • Improve Support for Authority Record

    • Mixed feelings about the utility of external authorities

  • Extension Sets

    • Architecturally similar to the domain and local system currently in place

  • API Documentation

    • Still pretty accuate, but needs some love

    • Suggestion to create a simplified API with elasticsearch

    • Many have had more success exposing Solr instead of APIs directely

  • New UI Prototype

    • Should we recommend that this work?

    • Let’s find some metrics to indicate why this should be done

Action Items:

  • Richard to seek permission from all interviewees who contributed to the Technical Review, and if all agree, he will recommend that full review be released.

  • Chad to create wiki page linking to various procedures or code used to load data into CollectionSpace.

3rd Meeting - April 10, 2015 via Skype

Agenda Items:

 Notes and Minutes:

  • RM gave very quick into to Ray Lee and his prototype work -see next item.
  • RL presented and discussed his "UI Replacement" proposal -see Proposal for a New CollectionSpace UI Architecture
  • There was very little time left after Ray's talk for discussion and questions.  RM will schedule a follow-up discussion and Q&A.


  • Richard Millet (RM)

  • Patrick Schmitz (PS)

  • Chad Nelson (CN)

  • John Lowe (JL)

  • Megan Forbes (MF)

  • Jesse Martinez (JM)

  • Mark Cooper (MC)

  • Guest - Ray Lee (RL)

Action Items:
  • Everyone should review the Technical Review report for discussion at next meeting.
  • RM to schedule a follow-up Q&A session with RL on his prototype work.

  • ...

  • ...

2nd Meeting - March 5, 2015 via Skype

Agenda Items:
  • Richard MIllet (RM)

  • Patrick Schmitz

  • Chad Nelson (CN)

  • Megan Forbes (MF)

  • Jesse Martinez (JM)

  • Mark Cooper (MC)

Notes and Minutes:
    • Evaluating Community Contributions

    • Supporting Work on Profiles

    • Clearing up “fuzzy” request so they fit into Cspace nicely

      • Reporting

      • Authority

    • Outreach in the community - conference going

    • Helping out New implementors

    • Working through overlapping contributions on Exhibition

  • RM: Questions still unclear about which group TWG vs FWG deals with which kinds of issue that arise. Password hashing a good example since it affects backend and end user.
  • RM: Leadership working group met. Main takeaways:
    • Internal workings, voting, membership etc

    • Deliverables on the membership rollout

    • Reinforce the autonomy of working groups - Influencers of the community

  • JM: Should community contribution docs be updated to reflect WG roles in the process?
    MF: Yes!
  • MC: Proposal to add Russel Palmer from Lyrasis hosting to Functional Working Group.
    MF: Will bring it back to the group

  • Round Robin - what are we doing?
  • RM:
    • Helping Lyrasis Hosting

    • Nuxeo upgrade will include:

      • Move to OpenJDK

      • Tomcat 7

      • lots of libraries

  • JM:
    • Working with Oakland Museum California config and Setup

    • In contact with MediaTrope - Super Slim Cspace, minus 80% of fields

  • MC:
    • Deployment for MMI - Nightly Builds

    • Operational Readiness

      • Backup

      • Monitoring

      • How s3 works with a restore

    • What is holding up Walker Art Center

      • Walker Staffing Issues

      • Walker feels the current code not complete

      • Lyrasis concerned about custom code in current walk configuration

  • PS:
    • Do we need to think about replacing Jasper? No clear answer.

    • Report back that Some local work has been done to look at integrating CollectionSpace and Omeka

  • RM: Homework for next meeting:
    • Read Current Technical Review

    • Read Proposal for a New CollectionSpace UI Architecture


  • PS: What development should we be looking at, keeping in mind in terms of looking for grants/money or partners interested in the same idea.


Action Items:
  • MF: update docs to reflect WG roles in community contribution?

  • RM: Invite Ray to talk about the UI proposal at TWG meeting after next.

  • All: Read the docs

Initial Meeting - January 29, 2015 at 10am PST via Skype

The initial meeting of the CollectionSpace Technical Working Group is tentatively scheduled to take place on Thursday January 29th, 2015 at 10am PST.  During the initial meeting, the working group will establish a set of guiding principles for itself.  The working group will also nominate additional members as well as afford any initial member the opportunity to nominate a replacement for themselves should they be unable or unwilling to stay an active member.

Agenda Items:
  • Greetings and brief introductions
  • Summary of Tech Working Group's raison d'être
    • Wording in the grant - amendments, changes, etc?
    • Commitment levels of members
    • Structure of group - sub-groups for focuse topics/areas and concrete tasks
      • data migration services
      • reporting and batch processing
      • hosting services
      • technical documentation
      • integrations and extensions (webapps, linked open data, REST API, etc)
      • architecture and refactoring
      • assessment and review of "technical debt"
      • communities of practice (extension sets and profiles)
    • Concrete deliverables from working groups and sub-groups
  • Discuss of long-term and short-term goals
    • Frequency of next few meetings?  One per month over the next six months?
    • Creation of sub-groups
  • Nomination of additional members
  • <TBD>
  • Richard Millet, LYRASIS, CollectionSpace Tech Lead
  • Chad Nelson, LYRASIS, CollectionSpace Developer
  • Chris Pott, SMK, IT Developer
  • Patrick Schmitz, UC Berkeley, Former CollectionSpace Tech Lead
  • Jesse Martinez, Independent, CollectionSpace Developer
  • John Lowe, UC Berkeley, UCB CollectionSpace Tech Lead / Service Manager

Notes and Minutes:

Commitment level of groups:

  • Proposal to meet once per month for at least the first six months.  General agreement.

  • Individuals indicate varying levels of ability to provide anything beyond that -most thought about 2hrs/month at most.

  • If the work of the Technical Working Group overlaps/aligns with the individual members' institutions' needs, then maybe more hours can be provided.

Structure of Group

  • General agreement about sub-groups as a good way forward.  Members would take the lead on one or two sub-groups.

Concrete Deliverables

  • Richard indicated his interest in making this a working group, as opposed to a committee.  


  • Short Term (6 months)

    • Get the sub-groups going by having members pick 1 or 2 focus areas

    • Pick concrete deliverables for the subgroups -ensuring realistic deliverables given members' time constraints

    • Support LYRASIS hosting initiative to increase chance of success.
  • Long Term (1-2 years)

    • Grow the technical community

    • Make adoption easier

    • Make deployment easier (Image based deployments, automation scripts)

Suggestions for other memebers for the group

  • Someone from LYRASIS Hosting team (e.g., Mark Cooper)

  • Aron Roberts

  • Susan Stone

Other Business

  • Questions about overlap with Functional Working Group and relationship / interface with it

  • Suggestion to have chair of Functional Working Group (Megan) come talk to Technical group

Action Items:

  • RM: Activate CollectionSpace Tech Working group email list
  • RM: Send invitations to new working group nominees
  • RM: Schedule next meeting
  • RM: Setup wiki accounts for working group members
  • RM: Invite Chair of Functional Working Group (Megan) come talk to Technical group 


Agenda Items Backlog

  • Discuss ElasticSearch vs. NXQL priorities
  • Discuss Data Migration documentation work being done by Susan Stone and Glen Jackson
  • Discuss next steps for Ray Lee's UI replacement prototype
  • Presentation of existing production deployments in action (UCB x 5, MMI, SMK, OMoC, etc)
  • Presentation of UCB Django Webapps to group, perhaps with brief code review
  • Early, high-level review of features / fixes we understand our community wants in 4.3.
  • Brainstorm ideas for hosted "Tech Talks"
  • ??? 



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