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This page is intended to document all of the tasks, processes, and responsibilities that are currently (or have been) performed by the UC Berkeley technical team (and in several cases, by Jesse Martinez at MMI/Boston College) as the interim stewards of the CollectionSpace project.

In its current state, it is just a rough draft. Anyone with edit permission should feel free to add details and new headings to this page.  Also, feel free to add hyperlinks to existing documentation and resources.

Maintain Communications Channels

Manage the Talk and other email lists, including archiving of messages

Manage the IRC channel, including archiving of chat logs

Maintain Servers

Maintaining servers involves tasks such as:

  • Managing virtual private servers (configurations, disk storage, backups, billing)
  • Administering operating systems
    • Users, groups, permissions
    • Security patches
    • OS and application upgrades
  • Configuring and administering server applications (as per below)


  • Hosts document
  • (Link here to Resources documents re):
    • Continuous Integration Servers (Bamboo on Nightly, QA)
    • File Downloads (FTP server on Nightly)
    • Issue Tracking (JIRA)
    • Network Monitoring (Nagios)
    • Project Maven Repository (Artifactory)
    • Wiki (Confluence)

Maintain Wiki Documentation

The wiki documentation should be routinely updated and refreshed. (See also Build and Release Process for documentation wiki rotation with each new release.)

QA Process

Manage the test plans on the wiki.  Add test plans.  Orchestrate QA on new releases.

Build and Release Process

Manage pull-requests and community contributions.  Manage the GitHub repositories.  Manage the code committer process and guidelines.  Rotate the "current" and "unreleased" documentation spaces.  Edit the release notes.  Follow and maintain the documented build and release processes.

Maintain the JIRA Issue Tracking System

"Garden" issues, as warranted:

  • Assign issues to releases and assignees
  • Edit issue metadata
  • Label issues
  • Link issues
  • Resolve issues (e.g. as Duplicate, Won't Fix, etc.)

Maintain shared filters.

Track progress of issues as related to release deadlines.