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The CollectionSpace technical team is composed of architects and developers from the partner organizations structured around three main functional areas: services analysis, modeling, and development; user interface design and development; and application level design and development.

Application Deployment Profiles

The technical team is currently planning for two core deployment profiles, or ways of installing and delivering the CollectionSpace application functionality. These two profiles reflect the requirements that emerged from the institutional profiles identified by the project management staff; requirements which were later confirmed by attendees at the community design workshops:

  1. CollectionSpace as a standalone installation, locally and independently maintained for a given institution;
  2. CollectionSpace as a hosted service that is centrally maintained and in which different institutions/collections are managed.

Technology Platform Analysis and Recommendations

The technical team has been working to assemble a list of recommended technologies to serve as the base for the CollectionSpace application and suite of services. The team has looked at a variety of databases, content repositories, and collection tools with an eye toward reuse, flexibility, and code quality.

Specific areas of analysis include: content and metadata storage; asset management, indexing, search, and retrieval; enterprise service bus and web-service support layers; programming languages; presentation frameworks; and client-side toolkit.

More information about the technical team's activities can be found on the project wiki.

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