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User Story Summaries are for capturing notes about broad user stories, or user story themes, related to a particular topic. These may be used as inspiration and source material for creating specific user stories, which may in turn be implemented in various system releases. Some of these broad stories, or themes, may not be implemented in the 1.0 release.

Structured Object Stories

User can create child records for an object record

User can assign a parent record to an object record

User can assign a child record to an object record

User can view an object record's place within a hierarchy

User can view an object record's parent, child, or sibling records


From PS: "Reviewing and I was wondering if for things like Archives, they need to have a type for different levels of the structure, kind of like the rank associated with levels in taxonomy. This would take the form of box/folder/item or something like that."

MF response to above: Assigning "names" for different levels could be a good thing - something we had in our original designs for the number pattern setup UI. For an archives, the headers might be something like: collection > fonds > record group > series, etc.

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