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Schema describe the contents and structure of the objects ("records") that represent various entities in the CollectionSpace system.

Schema are composed of individual information units ("fields" or "data elements"), which are usually organized into groups of related information units, known as information groups.

Each information unit contains a number of attributes, including its definition, default data type, whether it is part of a set of fields, and whether it is repeatable (on it own, as part of a set, or both). A list of the default data types for CollectionSpace v4.1 is available here.


These schema, based on the Spectrum documentation standard, reflect many of the entities that are expected to be supported in an "out of the box" deployment of the CollectionSpace system, based on the current release.

Some of these schema, such as Date and Dimensions, reflect information groups that may be incorporated into more than one type of object or procedural record.

Note also that limited or subset versions of some of these schema have also been targeted for specific, earlier CollectionSpace releases, prior to the current release. See Schemae Limited to Specific CollectionSpace Releases, below.

Supplementary Schema

Other entity schema documented on this wiki, some of which may be be eligible for migration to the list above (i.e. by visiting their pages and deleting their "supplementary" labels):

Search-related Schema

Schema related specifically to search, which describe the fields to be returned in search results, and the types of searches to be supported for each object or procedural record type:

Schema Limited to Specific CollectionSpace Releases

In addition to the schemae targeted for the current release, limited or subset versions of some of these schemae have also been targeted for these specific CollectionSpace releases:

Schema for Release 1.0
Schema for Release 0.8
Schema for Release 0.7
Schema for Release 0.5
Schema for Release 0.4
Schema for Release 0.3
Schema for Release 0.2


Several standards organizations have created XML schema for describing cultural heritage materials:

VRA Core4

Customizing Schema

It is expected that museums and other institutions may customize their CollectionSpace deployments to meet their needs, in part by adding community- or domain-specific schema, or site- or instance-specific schema, to supplement the "out of the box" schema listed above.

Some technical discussions of how customizations work can be found in a number of documents within the Configuring CollectionSpace documentation.

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