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Roadmap 2016-2017

CollectionSpace is a free, open-source collections management application that meets the needs of museums, historical societies, biological collections, and other collections-holding organizations. CollectionSpace is designed to be configurable to each organization’s needs, serving as a gateway to digital and physical assets across an institution. The software is distributed via the ECLv2 license, and an active developer community ensures that CollectionSpace is continually improving. 

Goals for 2016-2017 include: 

  • Increase implementations and memberships
  • Strengthen community participation in the organizational home at all levels, with extra focus on community ownership of the governance process
  • Develop the platform to improve the core software’s usability, stability, performance, and pathways for configuration, data migration, and installation

Program Activities

July - December, 2016


Project Drydock is the project name for the re-write of the CollectionSpace UI. This year-long effort (broken into four milestones) will make it easier for developers to customize and extend CollectionSpace, while providing a more responsive and productive experience for end users. The work will build on a prototype completed in early 2016, which was a proof-of-concept using the React JavaScript library. 

The core motivations for undertaking this project are: the UI layer has been difficult to maintain and extend; few developers are familiar with the UI framework; and there are few reusable components written for the existing framework. Another hoped-for benefit of the re-write is the elimination of the "application" layer of the software. This would also lead to a greatly simplified configuration process, improved reliability, and better performance. 

To view progress on Project Drydock, follow each milestone's JIRA link below.

Project Drydock Milestone 1 (through 9/16) 

Project Drydock Milestone 2 (through 12/16)

In addition to work on Project Drydock, the CollectionSpace technical team is also working toward a release of CSpace v4.5.

  • To view open issues for v4.5, follow the link to our Jira


Bimonthly walkthroughs - scheduled for 3rd Thursday and Friday of each month. Full list available on community calendar.


American Association of State and Local History, September

Mountain Plains Museums Association, October

Museum Computer Network, November

New England Museum Association, November

Coalition for Networked Information, December

January - June, 2017


Project Drydock Milestone 3 (through 3/17)

Project Drydock Milestone 4 (through 6/17) 

Release 4.5 due in April


Bimonthly walkthroughs - scheduled for 3rd Thursday and Friday of each month. Full list available on community calendar


Art Libraries Society of North America, February

Visual Resources Association, March

Electronic Resources and Licensing, April

American Alliance of Museums, May

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, June

July - December, 2017


Project Drydock Milestone 5 (through 9/17)

Project Drydock Milestone 6 (through 12/17)

Release 5.0 due in late Fall


Bimonthly walkthroughs - scheduled for 3rd Thursday and Friday of each month. Full list available on community calendar.



Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums, October

Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, November


Highlights 2014-2016

  • Doubled the number of CollectionSpace implementers, from 10 to 20+
  • Assumed responsibility for the software and community support resources (wiki, website, documentation, etc.) from the original project partners
  • Established a community-based governance structure with Leadership, Technical and Functional Working Groups
  • Created and implemented communications plans to improve visibility, increase outreach within museum communities, recruit members, and recruit registered service providers able to support museums in planning and installation of CollectionSpace
  • Provided “mini-grants” to foster adoption by assisting museums with funding for some of the implementation costs for CollectionSpace.
  • Continued development of the software and related documentation to: improve stability and performance; add procedures, feature enhancements and bug fixes; support Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) functionality through Version 4.1 released in fall 2014; upgrade to the current version of the Nuxeo platform in Version 4.2 released in summer 2015; provide downloadable community-of-practice profiles to ease installation, also in Version 4.2; upgrade reporting and Application Programming Interfaces in Version 4.3 released in early February 2016; and develop a prototype and plan for upgrading the User Interface (UI)
  • Established organizational home revenue models through memberships and registered service providers

Historic Roadmaps

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