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The improvement of the standard of information about objects and collections to meet minimum standards by the documentation of new information for existing objects and collections.


  • Define the purposes of the organisation's documentation system. The primary purpose should be to establish accountability and access;
  • Define the organisation's understanding of the backlogs it has;
  • Work towards reducing its backlog;
  • Review progress on reducing the backlog on a regular basis;
  • Work towards an overall improvement in the quality of information held about objects and collections;
  • Review progress on the overall improvement in the quality of information on a regular basis.

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases

Use Cases and Community Design Workshop Notes

Spectrum Procedure: Retrospective Documentation

Associated Wireframes

Associated Services

Definition and requirements from:
Spectrum Version 3.1
Created and Maintained by CollectionsTrust

1 Comment

  1. In our work as implementers here at the SMK we found it necessary to make a revision check and comparison of the functional requirements, the schemas, the wireframes, and the current version 1.0 alpha. The purpose of this work was to establish any discrepancies and inconsistencies in the implementation of CollectionSpace programme regarding the eight core procedures of version 1.

    For Retrospective Documentation we have the following comments:

    What is happening with this procedure? Requirements are listed, but no schemas or wireframes have been posted to the CS wiki. Have any work been done on how this procedure can be integrated in the CS system?

    Will this procedure help the requirements not met in the Object Entry and Acquisition procedures?