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CollectionSpace v4.5 Tentative Development Dates

Design and development: Begin 25 July

Code freeze: end March 2017

QA: beginning April 2017

Release: end April 2017


Areas of work under consideration for CollectionSpace Release 4.5 are listed below. These areas are subject to change based on input from our community.

  • Preview of the user interface code re-write. A summary of this work, which will be released in 2017, can be found here.
  • Release of v1 of streamlined migration tool for CSV and other formats
  • Continued work on the community of practice profiles, including:
  • Continued design and development of the shared authority service CSPACE-6905 - Work related to shared authorities Open
  • Other bug fixes as prioritized by the CollectionSpace community.
  • Update code to work with OpenJDK 8
  • Update code to work with Nuxeo 7.x
  • Improve general error handling and documentation for CollectionSpace deployments, customization, and configuration.

For the current list of issues - bug fixes, feature enhancements, and more, please see the 4.5 issues filter in the project's issue tracker. You can also track progress on the current sprint by viewing the team's Agile work board.

Release Notes

  • "Optional" environment variables are needed to activate tenants/profiles.
    • etc...
  • Adding cache-control settings for services' HTTP responses -see CSPACE-7082 - Create a general mechanism for HTTP cache-control settings in the Services Resolved
  • Adding tenant bindings for declaring Nuxeo event listeners -see CSPACE-7083 - Adding tenant bindings for the Nuxeo event listeners. Resolved
  • Adding mechanisms for authorizing batch job invokation -see CSPACE-5985 - Administrator can set role permissions for reports and batch processes In Progress







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