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Documentation and installation

 Documentation for CollectionSpace version 4.2, including downloading and installation instructions.



Areas of work for CollectionSpace Release 4.2 include:

  • Upgrade the Nuxeo EP framework, the enterprise content management framework that serves as one of CollectionSpace's major underpinnings, to its latest version, 6.0.x. Related upgrades and improvements also include:
    • Upgrade the Tomcat JEE container to version 7.0.x.
    • Upgrade many Maven build plugins, tools, and POM files, resulting in dramatically faster build times. This in turn makes it faster to install CollectionSpace, as well as faster to develop, test, and deploy certain code and configuration changes.
    • Ability to ship with OpenJDK (instead of the Oracle JDK), simplifying the installation process and making that process more reliable.
  • Addition of a community-contributed Exhibition Planning procedure, to manage the planning and management of exhibitions. This procedure encompasses tracking the objects included in or considered for an exhibition, the people involved in the exhibition's activities, and the exhibition sections, if any. (For a list of fields included in this procedure, see Exhibition Management Schema.)
  • Addition of the Fine and Contemporary Art profile, which incorporates the Fine Art Extension Set and Variable Media Extension Set. This is CollectionSpace's first community-defined profile, with more to come in future releases. As a quick overview of profiles and their constituent parts:
    • A selected group of procedures, term authorities, and extensions, which support the work of a specific community of practice, such as fine art or anthropology, are referred to as that community's profile. (Often, procedures and authorities within the profile may be further configured, or even slightly changed, to better support the needs of that community of practice.)
    • An extension is a group of fields added to a single procedure or authority to support the work of a specific community of practice. Extensions added to more than one procedure or authority are referred to collectively as extension sets.
    • Documentation for implementing Extensions and Profiles is available.
  • Fixes to any remaining critical stability bugs selected from a small list of spotlighted issues. (Most of these issues were addressed in the previous Release 4.1.)
  • Other bugfixes as prioritized by the CollectionSpace community. The full list of issues to be prioritized may be found by following this link.

For a detailed list of changes made in this release - feature enhancements, bugfixes and more - please see the Resolved Issues and Tasks for version 4.2 in the project's issue tracker.

Release date and schedule

December 16, 2014: Development Begins
May 8, 2015: Development Ends
May 13, 2015: QA Testing Begins
June 5, 2015: QA Testing Ends
June 24, 2015: Release of CollectionSpace v4.2

Release Notes

Changes you'll need to make when upgrading to version 4.2

The page Multiple changes needed when upgrading to CollectionSpace 4.2 or higher does not exist.

Bug fixes

Resolved Issues and Tasks