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Release Planning


November 19-23, 2012: Scope Review and Prioritization
November 26-30, 2012: Development
December 3-7, 2012: Development
December 10-14, 2012: QA
December 17-21, 2012: QA and Release

Work to be considered for the release
  • UI performance & design improvements
  • Unified configuration wrap up
  • SaaS tool development
  • SaaS Trial Two mapping, configuration, setup, and migration
  • Bug fixing
  • Contribution evaluation and acceptance
Main Drivers
  • Complete work scoped in proposal; focus on SaaS, multi-tenancy, documentation, and special projects (install, reporting)
System Requirements Changes

CollectionSpace version 3.2 now requires PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher.

Installation and Configuration Changes
  • In PostgreSQL's host-based authentication configuration file, pg_hba.conf, the nuxeo database user must be granted access to all databases, not just the nuxeo database. This change is needed to reflect version 3.2's support for individual data repositories per tenant. (This configuration change will also be reflected in the installation documentation for this version.) See CSPACE-5778 for details.
  • There is also a change to the name of the configuration file that is used to configure settings for (among other things) hosts, ports, password reset email, caching settings, and URLs for CollectionSpace's back-end services and image stores. This change was made to support version 3.2's significantly expanded caching capabilities.

    Formerly, this file, which can reside in each tenant's (museum's) folder, was named local-settings.xml. This file has now been named to local-{tenant_name}-settings.xml, where {tenant_name} is the name of a museum tenant. For instance, the settings files for the demonstration core and lifesci tenants that ship with CollectionSpace are named, respectively, local-core-settings.xml and local-lifesci-settings.xml. In a hypothetical tenant for the Museum of the Moving Image (MMI), with a tenant name of mmi, this file would in turn be named local-mmi-settings.xml

    As well, changes to those settings must be made in the local-{tenant_name}-settings.xml file, rather than in the default settings.xml file. (This configuration change will also be reflected in the installation documentation for this version. See CSPACE-5692 for the status of these documentation updates.)

Issues Resolved

Issues resolved for this release