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Documentation and Installation

Documentation for CollectionSpace 3.0, including downloading and installation instructions.

Release Planning


August 27-31, 2012: Scope Review and Prioritization
September 3-7, 2012: Development
September 10-14, 2012: Development
September 17-21, 2012: QA
September 24-28, 2012: QA, Doc Sprint and Release

Work to be considered for the release
  • Bug fixing
  • Full Regression Testing
  • Code contributions from early adopters
  • Documentation Sprint
Main Drivers
  • Secure and stable public release

In the services, refNames are now generated and stored in the collectionspace_core schema for object and procedural records, as well for vocabulary term records. This may have implications for import; if so, this should be documented.

Update: most of those import issues have been resolved in v3.2.1 (with a few bugfixes following in v3.3) via CSPACE-5845. When doing imports, refNames will be automatically generated for your imported records, for all document types except authority terms (authority items). With the latter, refName values you supply in the refName field will be copied to the collectionspace_core schema.

Issues Resolved

Issues resolved for this release