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Release Planning


August 13-17, 2012: Scope Review and Prioritization
August 20-24, 2012: Design & Development
August 27-31, 2012: Development

Work to be considered for the release

Engineers to add design/scope notes to below Jiras by Friday, August 17

Structured objects (CSPACE-5458)
Autocomplete improvements (CSPACE-5464)

Main Drivers
  • Continue functionality improvements identified in Phase III grant proposal for Q2
  • Work with deployers on priorities (Release 3.0)
Schema Changes
  • A new field, relationshipMetaType, was added to the Relations schema (CSPACE-5509)
  • A new field, refName, was added to the collectionspace_core schema, the schema which maintains metadata about records (CSPACE-5489)
Other Changes
  • The PostgreSQL JDBC driver was upgraded to version 9.1, from 8.4 (CSPACE-5519)
    (Version 9.1 of this driver is documented as supporting "Postgresql 7.2 or newer" versions.)

Issues Resolved

Issues resolved for this release