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Documentation and Installation

Documentation for CollectionSpace 2.6, including downloading and installation instructions.

Release Planning


July 30-Aug 3, 2012: Development
Aug 6- Aug 10, 2012: Development
Aug 13-17, 2012: QA, Doc Sprint and Release

Work to be considered for the release

Functionality contact: Angela Spinazze, Implementers/Early Adopters

Main Drivers
  • Continue functionality improvements identified in Phase III grant proposal for Q2
  • Work with deployers on priorities (Release 2.7)
Schema Changes

The following field was removed (CSPACE-4474):

  • Loan Out: Loan In Contact (This field was obsolete, having been replaced in Release 2.0 by the Borrowers Contact field.)

The following field was added (CSPACE-5454):

  • Media Handling: External URL

Issues Resolved

Issues resolved for this release