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Documentation and Installation

Documentation for CollectionSpace 2.1, including downloading and installation instructions.

Release Planning

Release Notes

There is a known issue in Release 2.1 where the My CollectionSpace page does not work properly in IE9. This is related to an issue in the underlying Fluid framework. For best results, please use a Tier 1 browser. For updates on the issue, please refer to CSpace Jira 4838.

Release 2.1 can be downloaded here:


December 19-23, 2011: Scope Review and Prioritization
January 2-6, 2012: Development
January 9-13, 2012: Development
January 16-20, 2012: Development
January 23-27, 2012: QA and Release

Work to be considered for the release
  • Outstanding critical issues from Release 2.0
Main Drivers
  • Complete critical issues carried over from Release 2.0
  • Work with deployers on design of upgrade location/movement tracking methodology
  • Expand proposed development plans for Release 3.0 around media handling, vocabulary, and advanced search
Schema Changes
  • Cataloging: removal of legacy top-level fields:
    • otherNumber
    • otherNumberType
    • remNumber

otherNumber and otherNumberType had been replaced some 18 months earlier, in version 1.0alpha, by a top-level repeatable group, otherNumberList, which contains otherNumber and otherNumberType as descendant fields. remNumber was for internal use only.

Resolved Issues for 2.1

Issues for 2.1 by Category

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